Happy Feast Day Mother!

     Today is our Mother Superior’s Feast Day and in her honor we are having a gaudeamus day! Now, perhaps you are wondering just what that is. It is a “day of rejoicing” where we are freed up from our usual monastic schedule and have more time for community bonding through recreation, games, song, festive meals…maybe even some fishing! (We also have these days on Thanksgiving and Fourth of July – to name a few.)

     Those Sisters gifted with some creativity usually have made during the past year one or more homemade gifts for the Superior to give to her on this day. These are usually items she can use or give away as presents. Of course we all give her the gift of prayer as this is the most needed gift of all when one carries a duty of such large responsibilities. And she would appreciate your prayers too! She usually has a little something for each Sister.

     In Mother’s honor we had some wonderful entertainment this morning.

  • a skit – a visit from the apostles, St. Peter and St. John – God had to put the brash Peter and the “son of thunder” John in their places…we think He succeeded 
  • and after processing to the printing room we had a little concert with piano, violin and guitar – provided by our aspirants. The rest of us joined in with our voices and of course Sr. Mary Andrea provided beautiful sign language. (No Sister, is not deaf. But she attended a grade school for deaf children and was a sign language interpreter for her friend in high school.) By the way she is out on the tractor right now, disking up garden! Here is a picture of her as a novice a year or so ago.


Sr. Mary Andrea on bike

     Because we are having some troubles with our digital camera I don’t have any photos of these events. Bummer! The Lord uses many ways to teach me detachment!



3 thoughts on “Happy Feast Day Mother!

  1. Happy Feast Day to Mother Catherine Marie. I’m sorry it is belated, but I just checked the blog. I hope you had a wonderful day! May God hold you in the hallow of His hand.

  2. How wonderful! You have a blog now!

    I was with you in September for Fr. David Wilton’s retreat (one of the Fathers of Mercy). If you check this URL http://chnetwork.org/forums/forum41/2333.html , you’ll see how blessed I was during my time there. It changed my life. (Notice that around a thousand viewers have read the thread so far.)

    Before the retreat with you, I had kept the TV on all day for company. Since returning home, I rarely have the TV on except for a few EWTN programs. With you I learned a love of silence.

    May the Holy Spirit bring many vocations to the Passionist Nuns through the efforts of this blog.

    Becky (Intercessor)

  3. Becky, with you we give God the glory for the mighty transformation worked in your life when you made a retreat in our retreat house! And may He reward you for your kind words about us posted on the URL thread. Asking your continued prayers…
    In JXP,
    Sponsa Christi


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