Earth-shaking experience…

     Did you feel that earthquake a couple Fridays ago? Those of us here in the Midwest sure did!


     Later during Midmorning prayer we had the holy joy of watching Shannon receive the small Passion Sign pin from Mother Catherine Marie and officially join our other aspirant Sharon on a journey of discernment. Yes, their names occasionally cause some confusion! Please keep them in your prayers as they seek the Lord’s face and the fulfillment of His will.

     45-minutes later – an aftershock rocked us again…two aspirants – who knew it would be such an earth-shaking event. When someone responds positively to the Lord’s promptings to give a total, out-pouring gift of self we are all closer to conquering the world through Love.

Mother's Gaudeamus day

     Shannon is from Houston and is so grateful for your prayers. Our other aspirant Sharon is from North Carolina; she is one of 12 children and has been with us since February. They both extend greetings to all their family and friends and appreciate the prayers that so many of you have offered on their behalf …keep them up!

     By the way – St. Emygdius (Martyr ~ A.D. 304) is the patron saint of earthquakes… perhaps it would be wise to cultivate a friendship with him?


7 thoughts on “Earth-shaking experience…

  1. I am praying for all of you. May you be spared from all catastrophe. I saw the devastation in MO on CNN. Those poor people! I didn’t know that there was a patron saint of earthquakes. That’s amazing. Spring has finally arrived here in northeastern VT. Our daffodills are up, and our forsythia bushes have bloomed as well. Our apple tree is starting to blossom and so are our lilac bushes. I love the smell of lilacs.
    We have had a rainy week, but hopefully, that will turn everything green soon.
    In Jesus and Mary,

  2. I will remember Shannon and Sharon in my prayers. Blessings to both of you. If I am not being intrusive, it would be interesting to know a bit more about you both. Can you tell me how old you are, and what you did before applying to the monastery? Which one of you plays the violin? I can play some guitar and piano. I may take organ lessons next year at school. If you want to know more about me, feel free to ask. Sr. John Mary knows quite a bit about me already.

    Your friend,

  3. Ok – blogging Cloistered Nuns. You’ve got my attention. If it’s ok with you I’ll do a bit of an advert on my blog.

    Looking forward to many more posts from you ladies:)

    I think we would all like to know more about your daily schedule and such.

  4. Hurrah for the aspirants! You have been and will continue to be in my prayers…and I can’t wait to meet you at the end of the month! Blessings to all at the monastery.

  5. This is an awesome blog, especially because Passionist cloistered life is not as well known as say, Carmelite life.
    I’ve been discerning a vocation for some time, but have kind of stalled in the process. I’m still seeking what it is God wants from me.
    Yours in Jesus and Mary,

  6. Thank you for telling me about one of the new aspirants. I look forward to “meeting the other aspirant soon.
    In Jesus and Mary,

  7. Can I just say that the Passionists Nuns are just oozing with Shannon-ness?! Could there have been a more fitting place for her to be to discern? Nuns who sing, write poems, devote themselves to being the brides of Christ, who even quote C.S. Lewis and are in a beautiful adventerous outdoors area that surrounds them?! Even the mission statement fits perfectly! The name Shannon actually means “wise river” 🙂 Wow! Shannon we love you and are praying for you I can’t wait to hear all about it from you yourself soon! I think about you often in Adoration! Please pray for us as we are struggling because we miss you but really do want God’s best in your life (and the life of His Church!). We felt the earthquake all the way in Texas when you opened your heart to this call! You are amazing and fill my heart with joy! Jesus and Mary’s love and joy be with you, Lauren 🙂


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