Getting to know our aspirants…


     Sharon, Sr. Mary Andrea and Novice Directress Sr. Mary Veronica – everything was covered in ice for a couple days this past March – it was breathtaking – and it damaged many a tree!

     Our dear friend Abby (whom we hope and pray will come visit us some day!) sent a comment last week wanting to know a bit about our aspirants*. Today I will share a little about Sharon. She is from North Carolina and is #11 of 12 children! She is 22 years old and was born on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. She really enjoys playing piano and make ours actually sound good. (it has seen better days…we are praying for a new one!) She can play piano just by looking at the chords – amazing.



    Before entering the monastery she spent 2 1/2 years at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. The attraction towards religious life became very strong and took time away from school for serious discernment. She found out about us through a parent of one of her friends from Steubenville who resides in Evansville, IN. He told her, “you need to go visit the Passionists!” Thanks Bob Smith! We’re so glad you spoke up…and the Lord used his suggestion to bring Sharon here for a first time visit last November.


     Before she entered the aspirancy this past February she was working in her brother’s donut/bistro shop, teaching Sunday school, singing in church choir, and she played on the church volleyball team. She was also involved with a parish program call “Why Catholic”. Sharon loves tennis and also played soccer in high school. She was homeschooled during her grade school years.


     Sharon at far left – Bingo on Vicar Sr. Mary Agnes’ gaudeamus day in April – How many bingo cards can a Sister play per game???

*The Aspirancy program gives a young woman an opportunity to have an extended live-in experience to further discern her vocation. It usually lasts about 3 months.


5 thoughts on “Getting to know our aspirants…

  1. It is nice to finally “meet” Sharon. I come from a large family also, though not quite as large as yours is. I am the fifth of nine children. My oldest two siblings are married, so we still have seven of us at home. I will graduate high school in June and am planning to go to Christendom College next year. If my mom is able to take me this summer, I want to come to the monastery for a visit. I cannot go alone because I’m not yet 18. You will be in my prayers and all my best wishes as you answer the call. May God bless you abundantly above and beyond your expectations.
    In Jesus and Mary,

  2. May God Bless Sharon as she discerns his will — and God Bless all the Sisters! It is so wonderful that you are sharing your life with us.


  3. Hello Sisters,
    I’m back from San Francisco. A nice place to visit but I’d never ever want to live there. Daniela, you speak Portuguese! I can read and understand it, but not speak it very well. You said, “May God bless Sharon and all the aspirants.”, correct?
    Your friend,


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