Pope Benedict & Poetry

Greetings from the monastery!

Today I just have some odds & ends…

~ Does anyone know where I can find good photos of Pope Benedict XVI to use on this blog?

~ Don’t miss the new poems page that has been added – there are two subpages there – one focusing on the Passion of Christ and the other on the spousal relationship inherent in being consecrated to God. I hope to add more in the near future.

Keep walking by faith!



3 thoughts on “Pope Benedict & Poetry

  1. Dear Sister,

    Have you tried doing a Google Image search (just go to google.com and click on “images”) for pictures of Pope Benedict? This has always worked well for me.

    By the way, I think your blog is great. I hope it inspires more young women to consider the contemplative life!

  2. Dear Aspiring Consecrated Virgin – thank you for your suggestion. And I just visited your blog – what a wonderful site…you have my poor prayers as you seek the Lord’s will as a consecrated virgin. May our Lady keep you close!
    Sponsa Christi


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