Sharon’s entrance day

“The Little Women”
     Sharon and her sisters Anna, Liz and Meg visit with the community in the parlor the night before her entrance. (Of course, Mom and Dad were there too.)


     The long-awaited day finally arrived! Sharon arrived with her mom, dad and three of her 11 siblings last Saturday evening. We so enjoyed visiting with this wonderful faith-filled family and we marvel at their loving and peaceful acceptance of Sharon’s vocation to contemplative cloistered life. So many women have to “fight” their families to follow a call like this. Please keep Sharon and her family in your prayers during this time of transition. God reward you.
     The next day was July 6th, the great feast of our Passionist martyr Maria Goretti. I thought you would find Mother’s meditation during Evening Prayer (Vespers) very inspiring. And how meaningful it was to have our dear missionary brothers present. I hope to share more about them in a couple days.
     And just as Shannon’s entrance into the aspirancy coincided with the earthquake so Sharon’s entering the postulancy brought us some fireworks as the organ amplifier “blew up” during Night Prayer and Office of Readings last night! (Mmmm…perhaps it had something to do with our missionary Brother Brad pulling out all the stops on the night of the Fourth of July during his little concert?
     Does anyone out there still think cloistered life is dull? 🙂
The following is Mother’s moving meditation…

     Sharon, on this blessed feastday of St. Maria Goretti, we are pleased to admit you into our postulancy. Although Maria was not a Passionist religious, she lived in a Passionist parish, and our Passionist Fathers had a great deal to do with her canonization. So our Congregation has always claimed her as part of our great Passionist family.When looked at from the standards of our world today, St. Maria Goretti “did” nothing noteworthy. She was the child of a poor family, and her life was one of great simplicity and hard work. And so in her life the words of scripture come true: “Man sees what is on the surface, but God looks into the heart.”

     When God looked into the heart of this young girl, He saw delicate cooperation with grace. Indeed, Maria must have been very faithful to grace because when that great moment of decision came, Maria showed heroic fidelity—making a firm choice for God and rejecting sin with maturity of soul well beyond her years. Someone has written—the canonization of this girl who was not even 12 years old, was the triumph of a young soul who loved God and hated sin. God truly exalted her lowliness in raising such a one to sainthood in the Holy Catholic Church.

     And so, Sharon, as you enter the postulancy today, we place the simplicity, purity and heroic love of Maria Goretti before you as a model to imitate. May her tender love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and for His Holy Mother, as well as her modesty, cheerful obedience and humility as she accepted the simple way of life that was God’s plan for her, encourage you to be very generous in responding wholeheartedly to the graces God has in store for you.

     The presence of so many Passionist missionaries here today as you begin your postulancy, is testimony that a hidden life with Mary beneath the cross of Jesus reaches far beyond the cloister to strengthen and sustain the missionary activity of the Church. The prayer and sacrifice of a cloistered Nun reaches around the world. It reaches Jamaica – to encourage and sustain these missionary brothers of ours.

     So, Sharon, we assure you of our love, assistance and prayers as you take your place in the school of Mary, Mother of the Passionist Congregation. In her company and imitating her, you will learn more and more how to devote yourself entirely to the Person and the work of her Son.

     We will bestow upon you now your postulant’s crucifix and give you the Sign of Peace. God bless you and your whole family, Sharon.

     With Mary, and with St. Maria Goretti and all our Passionist saints, may your life be something beautiful for God–a precious return of love to the One who first loved you and laid down His life on the cross for you.



16 thoughts on “Sharon’s entrance day

  1. Congratulations to Sharon and may God bless you as you begin your postulancy. Mother’s meditation was a beautiful way to begin! God bless you all, Sisters.


  2. I, too, would like to congratulate, Sharon. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family as well. That was such a beautiful meditation that Mother Catherine gave on the day of her entrance. May God bless you and grant you peace as you continue to seek His will for your life.
    In Jesus and Mary,

  3. Congratulations Sharon! I am praying a lot for you! A beautiful day that was marked for her entrance. Today, I ask for Saint Mother Gives hope, that it grants her the saint perseverance! I hope to see her postulancy picture here…
    Kisses and be with God!

  4. What a beautiful meditation! May God bless Sharon in her quest to enter religious life.

  5. I agree with my friend Daniela, I, too, would like to see Sharon’s postulant pictures here . I have been asking God for a teachable Spirit, and an open heart to discern His will for Sharon. In addition to praying for perseverance for her, I have included prayers for her family. I have asked God to comfort them and fill the void they may be feeling with blessings above and beyond anything they can imagine. I just thought of this: May they come to realize that they have not lost a daughter, rather they have gained a whole family of sisters, daughters, and a mother as well. God always provides above and beyond our expectations when we are in the center of His will. Sharon, if you have time, I would love to her about your shower. This would be interesting to me. If you would rather not, that is o.k. too.
    In Jesus and Mary,
    Your Friend,

  6. Mother’s meditation was certainly very beautiful and moving. My prayers for Sharon as she begins her postulancy and for you all at Saint Joseph’s. God Bless

  7. Dear Sharon,
    May God bless you and give you strength. I will pray especially for your family, in thanksgiving for their support and encouragement. May they always be happy and proud of you, and may this life bring you fully into the hidden life of Our Lord. May Our Blessed Mother protect and guide you, and may your new sisters love and teach you.
    In Him, with gratitude for your life of service, dedication, prayer and penance, I remain your humble sister in Christ,

  8. I am so happy for Sharon and for all of you. You are in my prayers. I loved reading Mother Catherine’s words to Sharon.

    I will see you all soon. Many blessings.

    In His love,


  9. How cute the “4 little girls” look all grown up. It’s always great to see my real life sisters together and supporting Sharon. I love you Sharon and am really happy to see you so happy, choosing such a meaningful vocation.

  10. Dear Nick,
    What a delight to hear from you! I will be sure to share your message with Sharon. I know it will mean so much to her. God bless you and stay “cool” out their in California! We look forward to meeting you one day.

  11. Sharon: God’s blessings to you as you continue your journey of faith. As we prepare for our sacramental day of holy matrimony, we cheer your new postulant status! Thanks for the beautiful note; and know that your thank-you to the parish family is displayed prominently in the church entrance 🙂 You are in our thoughts and prayers. K&M


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