Shannon soon to arrive!

Sharon and all the Sisters are eagerly looking forward to Shannon’s arrival and meeting her family this Saturday, July 19th! Yes, we do occasionally get their names confused. By the way, her friend Trish sent us this picture of Shannon taken in the chapel of the Nashville Dominicans during a “Nun Run” in 2006 – her friend aptly commented that Shannon sure has a Passionist Vocation!

May the Passion of Christ and the Sorrows of Mary
be ever in our hearts!

By the way, our blog and the 2 recent posts for our postulant Sharon got an “honorable mention” on the Roman Catholic Vocations Blog – to check it out see the Monday, July 14 post. God bless and reward Brad Watkins for posting it. You have a great site! Thanks for all you are doing to build a culture of priestly and religious vocations!



7 thoughts on “Shannon soon to arrive!

  1. That is a lovely picture of Shannon. It’s very exciting that she will soon arrive to take her place with her fellow postulant. I know that we all look forward to pictures!

    God Bless you all, Sisters

  2. Shannon, also will be in my prayers, as she takes this great leap of faith in her life. Like Daniela, I am getting excited for her as the day for her arrival draws nearer. I will be praying for her family as well, asking God to grant them serenity and the peace that only He can give. I look foward to hearing about the shower (if she wishes to share, of course, I don’t want to be intrusive)., and I would be also interesting in reading Mother Catherine’s meditation for her arrival. Sponsa Christi, congratulations on winning recognition for this blog. It just recognizes that you are doing a super job for the glory of Our Lord. Well it’s after midnight here, and I should get to bed, as I’ll be working at day camp again tomorrow. Greetings to all the sisters.
    In Jesus and Mary,

  3. Thank you for your kind words and support! More importantly thank you for your vocations, your “yes” to God, and especially for your prayers. Be assured of my prayers for your intentions and a continued increase in vocations to your community.

    yours in Christ,

  4. What a delightful photogaph of Shannon.
    I am sure that you are all eagery awaiting her arrival on Saturday. My prayers for her,her family and yourselves. May you be blessed with many more vocations to your community.
    God Bless


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