A “Bride of Christ” shower

     I recently wrote Shannon and told her I wanted to do a blog post regarding her “bride of Christ” shower. She explained is so well I thought I would let you read her reply.

     So wonderful to hear from you! I’ll be happy to see you and the other sisters soon. 🙂 I am doing well here as these last 2 days at home unfold, and there is peace. I am very thankful for the amazing graces Jesus is granting me as I prepare to return. However, you are definitely right in calling these last few days “intense,” for so they are! I’m sure you know all about it! 🙂

     Sure you can share some information about the shower on the blog! I’ve been to a couple of Bride of Christ showers before with 2 of my friends who are now religious sisters, so that’s where I got the idea. It is like a bridal shower in just about every respect except that the “husband to be” is Jesus. 🙂 It’s a great way to bring everyone together, to answer questions for family and friends who have them, and to hopefully help them feel more comfortable with my decision. Also, it was wonderful to have so many people who supported me there. It helped strengthen me for the difficult leaving process.

     I invited women friends and family members- everyone who would normally attend a wedding shower. Since my family had been so busy, two of my very good friends took care of planning for food and Invitations.They sent out a list of some of the things I needed before entering. (So I received everything I needed in abundance from my friends and family as wedding gifts!) And I had a pile of some of my things set aside to give away to each of my friends (things that I knew they would enjoy.)

You know she’s really “head over heals” in love
with our Lord when she gives away her tea pot!

     We set up our family room and dining room especially for the shower. I put out some of my information packets and pamphlets about the Passionist Nuns and contemplative life. I also put out some of my paintings, drawings, and pictures I have that point toward my Passionist vocation. One of my friends gave me a copy of my poem “In Losing Myself I Find Myself with You” decorated in a beautiful white frame with white rose paper. We passed this around for everyone to read.

     We had time for everyone to visit, eat, and have cake and ice cream. (My friend baked a lovely yet simple and delicious homemade wedding cake.) Naturally, they all were curious about what’s been going on with me over the past several months and how I came to this decision. With this in mind, we had about 45 minutes for me to sit down in the middle of our gathering and explain some of the details of my story. I also tried to answer some of the questions they had about different aspects of religious life. Afterwards, we had more time to visit. After this, I unwrapped the gifts. Next, another friend (who is a talented musician) was able to lead us in some praise and worship music together. Finally, the group prayed over me, and I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving for all of the people who were there. Afterwards came farewells, good wishes, and blessings…

     Please keep Shannon and her family in your prayers. They are on the road now – about a 20 hour drive from Houston to Whitesville, KY.

     Please join us in thanking God for two postulants. We are so very grateful…His mercy endures forever!

She has one other brother whose picture I’ll have to get in on a future blog post.


In Losing Myself I Find Myself With You



How you allure me!

There is no other

who could draw me—

flame thirsting for water,

longing to be quenched.

We are two,

distinct and free to choose.

O Love!

The root of my fire (born of you)

meets your streams of water.

O the passion,

the pain of expiation!

…O Love!




stretched out

perfectly pinned

upon two wooden beams

where two ‘fiats’ meet.

No greater love is there than this:

to lose,

to lay down one’s life,

to freely become prisoner for love.

In losing myself, I find myself with you.

I marry you.

I do.

~Excerpt Shannon’s poem




12 thoughts on “A “Bride of Christ” shower

  1. Awesome!!! I am so moved. For one of the few times in my life, I am at a total loss for words!!
    Thank you so much for sharing about the Bride of Christ shower. It is such a beautiful idea. It also gives everyone insight into your vocation. My favorite part is when you gave away some posssesions to friends and family. That is something I would like to to if God is calling me. I have certain things that I would like certain individuals to have, and to remember me in prayer, when they see them
    Praying for traveling mercies for you and your entire family. God bless, guide, and sustain you all.
    In Jesus and Mary,

  2. This is so beautiful, especially the poem, that it actually brought tears to my eyes.
    I think perhaps one aspect of the Passionist vocation might be evangelical joy?
    God bless you!

  3. This is really great. (I linked to the blog from vocation station on phatmass) Just a note, it is very difficult to read the blue text on the brown background & I noticed two people on VS posted that they had difficulty too. I would be sad for anyone to be unable to read this great site!

    Love in Christ,

  4. What a beautiful poem! I will keep Shannon and her family in my prayers as she prepares for her journey to her beloved!

    God Bless all of you, Sisters.


  5. Gosh Shannon your poem is so beautiful – it brings tears to my eyes reading it again and makes me feel that deep longing for Jesus that we all have in our lives – it is so…im”Passioned”! Missing you already, but thankful for your yes to Him 🙂

  6. Dear Colleen, Thank you so much for your positive comment about our blog. I also appreciate your letting me know how difficult it is to read the blog. You probably are using a Mac? I have heard rumblings of this difficulty since I changed the color scheme a couple months ago. Say a prayer I can find someone to help me figure it out. Hang in there and keep visiting the blog. I’m so grateful that Phatmass has picked up. We get a lot of hits from that site.

  7. Thankyou for sharing Sharons story really lovely to see such support for her vocation by her family and friends.
    The bride of Christ shower is a beautiful idea ,lovely to see the pictures.
    God bless both Sharon and Shannon in their journey .
    May God bless you all with many more to join them.

  8. Thank you for sharing and being open to God’s call – not an easy thing to do in today’s world! Our daughter will be entering a traditional order later this summer, and we were trying to think of how to have a “shower” for her. After reading your blog we have some ideas. I would like to hear how the invitations were written to ask for the specific gifts or money that she will need. May God continue to bless you and to all you meet!

    See the response to this at http://www.passionistnuns.org/blog/?p=127

  9. Dear Sr. Rose Marie (Shannon).

    How beatiful to see You as a novice!!!!! Congratulations from Denmark!!! You are in my prayers.

  10. Can you tell me what was the name of the website that Sr. Rose Marie utilized when she was searching out the specific congregation she was looking to join. She mentioned it in her interview on EWTN but I didn’t get the name. Thank you


  11. I love this! I am having a Bride of Christ Shower in May for my entrance to the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word in July!

    God Bless!

    That is grand! And congratulations upon your entrance into religious life! May you become the saint God desires!


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