On Liturgy and the Habit

Want to learn more about our liturgy and our religious habit?

    I have updated the sub-pages under the page “Passionist Nuns”…I hope to eventually add some pictures of a vestition to the page entitled “Our Habit”. 

Let us worship the Lord in holy attire!



2 thoughts on “On Liturgy and the Habit

  1. Dear Sisters!

    I just found your website and it brings me so much joy! Can I ask for a special prayer intention? could you please pray for those struggling with mental illnesses?

    Since childhood I had this desire to be the Lord’s completelly and serving him. So I thought I had a vocation, yet as I became an adult I developed OCD and depression, which obviously “disqualified” me. I accept the Cross, I accept the Passion in my life, yet please pray that even in this Cross I might serve Him and be His as far as possible.

    Thank you for your “fiat.” Thank you for saying Yes to His call.

    Dear Rosario, Thank you for your email! We are delighted our blog brings you joy. Please be assured of our prayers for you and all who carry the cross of mental illness.

    Here is a blog that is a support group for Catholics with mental illness that you might find helpful – http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/Bipolar_Catholic/

    Rosario, thank YOU for saying “yes” to His call in your life. Your website is very inspiring and I am going to refer it to others. God bless you and Mary make you a saint!
    United in prayer,
    Sponsa Christi


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