We’re on EWTN!

    After much prayer and hard work our vocation DVD is being shown on EWTN – Rejoice!  Special thanks to the staff and crew of EWTN for approving our DVD and showing it before a world-wide audience.  May this make Jesus more known and loved and may the hearts of some holy and healthy young women be prompted to respond to the grace of a Passionist vocation.

   Thus far the only times we have for its showing are from today’s listing – Tuesday, September 30th at 2:30 p.m. and again at 5:30 p.m. central time.  I will let you know further times as I become aware of them.

    Please join us in praying the same prayer we offer daily for vocations – see the praying hands in the right sidebar.


3 thoughts on “We’re on EWTN!

  1. I just happened to be home this afternoon and saw your video on EWTN. It is beautifully done ! I pray that many young women see it and are inspired to be Passionist nuns.
    I rejoice with you for every new vocation that is received into your monastery. Each one of you is a blessing to all of us out here !
    God bless you always !

  2. Hello Sister!
    Would not you have a copy of DVD to send me? I would like a lot of watching that dvd and also to show for the sisters of Saint Gemas’ Monastery.
    United in Christ,


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