Vocation Brochure

   Would you like to promote vocations to Passionist contemplative life?

   I have just the thing for you – our vocation brochure!  We would love to get these in the hands of as many healthy, young, single Catholic women as possible. 

This shows the outside cover front and back

    If you would like to be one of our “holy distributors” please leave a comment below including your name and address. Also, please let me know how many brochures you would like me to send you. If you are going to place these in a public place, such as a parish, college, high school, etc. please get the proper permission to do so or they might just be trashed. The brochures are free but an offering to help pay the postage would be most appreciated.

This is the inside of the brochure once it is completely opened

    I’m sorry I can’t show you the brochure up close – I am not quite adept at making 8 1/2 x 14 documents into PDF files. When I try to do so it breaks it down to an 8 1/2 x 11 cutting off the sides. Hence, you will have to view it from these pictures. It is quite lovely and in color!

   I look forward to hearing from you!



One thought on “Vocation Brochure

  1. Dear Sisters:

    I would like to include your vocation brochure with my correspondence.

    Could you please send about 2 dozen to me?

    Thank you!
    Susan DeVore


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