Christmas Newsletter

   Thought you might like to read our latest newsletter – Enjoy! 

    Would you like to receive a copy in your mailbox? Just send me your address and I’ll add it to our newsletter database. (Apologies to our many overseas friends – due to bulk mailing rates this offer applies only to U.S. addresses)


Mary, Queen of the Passionist Congregation, ora pro nobis!

This lovely icon was sent to us recently by our nuns in Korea.



One thought on “Christmas Newsletter

  1. Sister, can you put the Graas Family on the newsletter list? We really enjoyed receiving the most recent one that you slipped in the mail to us recently. The kids were really impressed by the pictures of all the Passionist saints, especially.

    I added your families name last week! Glad you enjoyed the wealth of Passionist saints. Thanks for all you’re doing to promote Passionist life, the DVD, the brochure etc. You are a gem. Jesus bless your little holy family.


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