Her final Passover

    Please keep our Sr. Rita Marie in your prayers. Last Tuesday we found out she has generalized cancer and it is only a matter of days/hours before the “Divine Thief” will come to take his treasured bride to be at his side in heaven. Sister is at a nearby Catholic nursing home run by the Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus. We love these Sisters!

    We are taking turns staying with her as she journeys her final Passover from death to true life. The Lord is blessing her in so many ways…most recently with an Apostolic Blessing from Fr. Wade Menezes, CPM. This blessing remits all temporal punishment for sins! and can be given at the hour of death.

     Sister is very peaceful and generously offering all her suffering in union with Jesus crucified. Please do pray for her, us and for her family whom she loves so dearly.



7 thoughts on “Her final Passover

  1. J.M.+J.T.

    Dear Sr. John Mary,
    I will surely be praying for Sr. Rita Marie. I know that my future Carmelite Sisters will take such loving care of her.
    You can be assured of my prayers for dear Sr. Rita Marie as she journeys toward her heavenly home and into the arms of her heavenly bridegroom.

    In Christ, through Mary,

  2. What a beautiful picture of Sr. Rita Marie! Maybe she already knows, but would you tell her that I have been holding her in prayer, too? May the angels accompany her from this life to the next.

  3. Sisters,

    Be assured of my prayers for Sister Rita Marie, and for all of you. As trite
    as this may sound, what a wonderful time to meet our Lord — Easter!

    With love in Christ,


  4. May Sr. Rita Marie go joyfully and peacefully into the arms of
    Her Bridegroom.

    She is a shining example of devotion and perserverence.

    Bless her and your Community!


  5. The beauty of her soul is reflected in her smile ! Go gently, Sister Rita Marie, into the Lord’s sweet embrace.

  6. I send prayers for Sister Rita Marie,and for all your community.May she reap the reward of a life lived for Christ,and see her Redeemer face to face.


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