Our “Life on the Rock”!

    On the last Monday of June we received a phone call from the Producer of EWTN’s Life on the Rock. After visiting our website and reading the vocation stories, she was inviting Sister John Mary and Sister Rose Marie to be guests on their live show September 3!

    Mother Catherine Marie gave an enthusiastic “yes” to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity while Sisters Rose Marie and John Mary tried not to faint due to the fear of being interviewed on live TV! Even after this phone call we could hardly believe it was going to happen until a seminarian friend of ours with the Fathers of Mercy told us he had seen their names on the upcoming guest list!

    The Sisters will share about their vocational journeys and also the beauties of Passionist Contemplative life. This live-show will air at 7p.m. central time. Please tell all your family and friends, priests and seminarians, youth ministers, teens and young adults and any young woman discerning a religious vocation to tune in. And we ask your prayers that our Sisters will be inspired by the Holy Spirit in all they say.

Veni Sancte Spiritus!



7 thoughts on “Our “Life on the Rock”!

  1. I also saw the listing at the EWTN website and look forward to the show! Prayers, and I’m sure it’ll go really well! God bless.

  2. J.M.+J.T.

    Dear Sisters,
    Praised be Jesus Christ!

    Congratulations! I’m sure that the Holy Spirit will be working through you to know the right words to say! No worries when God is in charge! 🙂
    This will be right before my entrance into the convent, so I will be home with access to a T.V. (Yay! It’s not too late for me to watch and be inspired!)
    You will both do just wonderfully. I am anxiously awaiting the show.

    God’s blessings to you both. Please keep me in your prayers before my entrance. Things are like a roller coaster around here. Thank you!

    United in Love for the Divine Heart of Jesus,

    Elizabeth, you can certainly count on our continued prayers! We just had a lovely visit with one of your soon-to-be community members – Sr. Anna Maria – she was home visiting family. She is a terrific sister!

  3. This is wonderful news!
    It is so wonderful that shows like this are available and can hopefully be an inspiration to some young person thinking of a vocation.
    God bless both the Sisters- I am sure they will do fine!

  4. Oh sisters, you will be marvellous I know you will!!!!!

    You have great confidence and loads to share so be brave and the Lord will be with you!!

    Our prayers will be with you too

    God bless, Gareth.

    Thanks so much Gareth! We always appreciate your enthusiasm.

    Please spread the word! and keep the prayers coming – we want the viewers hearts to burn within them as we share about the radical Love of Jesus Crucified and the joy found in the authentic living of Passionist life.

  5. Wahoo! Laudetur Jesus Christus — may Jesus Christ be praised!

    Thanks Kirstine – yes, laudetur Jesus Christus by all we say! As we approach your birthday know of my prayers for you – you have been on my list of intentions during this Assumption Novena, you and your loved ones!

    Pax Christi,
    Sponsa Christi

  6. I am certain that you will be fantastic, your message will be heard. You are a super group of people. I love you dearly. Our family has known Sister John Mary for several years, even before she joined the Passionists, and she is an inspiration just knowing her.
    Prayers are always answered, not always in the way we want or expect, yet in the best way, I am sure. We do not always know what we need, but with prayer, things have a way of working out.
    We as lay people sometimes think we do not have the time to pray as often as we should, but these ladies offer their every action as prayer, as we should do as well.
    I thank God for knowing them and their place in my life, and I pray that they will be confortable in saying what they must on the T. V. spot. Yes, the HOly Spirit will guide them, and they will reach someone.
    God bless all of the Passionist Nuns. Thank you all for the many prayers. We (our family) love you.

    Dearest Cecilia – thanks for those wonderful words! WOW. We truly feel loved and supported by your friendship and prayer.

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