We have an aspirant!

    Our Queen Mother gave our community a wonderful gift on her Feast this past Saturday – the gift of a new aspirant!

    Mother Catherine Marie had placed the small passion sign pin before our Eucharistic Lord shortly before First Vespers of Sunday began. After the scripture reading Mother presented the holy sign to Kirstine with these words:

Kirstine, receive the aspirant’s Passion Sign. As you begin this beautiful walk with Jesus, we entrust you to the maternal care and protection of Our Blessed Mother. God willing – with her example before you and your cooperation with grace – you will one day wear the large Passion Sign of a professed religious. God bless you Kirstine. Our love and prayers will be with you.

    Then each of us Sisters came forward to officially welcome her into our home during this time of greater discernment.

    Special thanks is due to The Anchoress for sharing with her large viewing audience of the news of our new aspirant. May God reward you for the other links you have made to us as well!



14 thoughts on “We have an aspirant!

  1. Kirstine, I will keep you in prayer as you seek God’s plan for your life. You have chosen a beautiful community of Sisters who’s love for Christ’s Passion touches all of us who visit this web site. May His Will be yours !


  2. Thank you to the Anchoress for referring to your website. I am going to be a new follower. I have known Passionist priests since high school. There was a monastery in Chicago on my route to H.S., and the priests used to come to our school to teach on an occasional basis. They were passionate about the Passion of our Lord, and that impressed me.

    Now I live in California and my Lay Carmelite community has an annual retreat at Christ the King Retreat Center which is a Passionist center.

    I noted your special devotion to Our Lady of Sorrows. I was born on that feast day and since my childhood that has been a devotion near and dear to my heart. I feel a kinship with her at the foot of our Lord’s cross in particular.

    I will pray for Kristine.

    You have a very lovely website.

    Dear Ruth Ann, we feel fortunate to have a “new follower” and we praise God that you have been touched by the Passionist charism. May the Passion of Christ be ever in our hearts!

  3. Hi to you all. That is absolutely marvellous!!!!!

    I am so delighted for you. We will keep Kirstine in our prayers I promise

    In the meanwhile sisters, Barry, Frankie and myself are turning into the three stooges in our month’s postulancy, only joking. We have had a very warm welcome and reception to Crossgar, N. Ireland, and we ask for all your prayers, thank you.

    Judging our singing voices though, I can’t see us turning into a trio of singers like those three Irish priests. Never mind, God is Good.

    God bless, Gareth.

  4. I am so happy to see Kirstine’s radiant smile. For the past year, our
    choir has enjoyed her tremendous gift of prayer and music while she
    discerned her life path. Although missed greatly, Kirstine is in our Lord’s
    safe care.

    THANK YOU KAREN! Kirstine is delighted to hear from one of the choir members!

  5. What a great website! I agree with Karen that it is wonderful to see Kirstine’s smile as she is welcomed to your community. We already miss her here in our choir community, but we are certain that she will be a great gift to yours.

    That radiant smile is nothing new, however. We have seen a lot of that smile ever since she was officially accepted as an aspirant. Each time she talked about the Passionists and her future with the Order, she was positively suffused with joy. While we hated to lose her — she was a wonderful choir director — it is difficult to argue with her obvious happiness.

    God bless you, Kirstine!


  6. Hello Sisters and Kirstine,
    I too sang with Kirstine’s choir in Bham. We miss her but are excited for her new beginning. Blessings of peace to all!

  7. Kirstine!!!
    I’m really happy for you 🙂
    I miss you so much! I’ve written you three letters already, but I can’t figure out where to buy stamps here! I know you’re doing great, and I think of you everyday all the time. Texas is okay, but it’s been really hard making friends…i love you sosososososo much! ❤
    hey sisters please take good care of mine~

    Hey Whitney! How good to hear from you! Kirstine received one of your letters already; she misses you too! God bless you and may the Lord help you make just the right friends!

  8. I am also one of Kirstine’s choir community and am praying for her
    continually. She has filled my heart with joy and song. I am
    thankful to God for the brief, yet profound time we were able to
    share her. God’s blessings and peace to you Kirstine!


  9. Congratulations, Kirstine!!!!! May God bless you!!!

    (Just wondering, is Kirstine the one who used to write the blog Quantitative Metathesis?)

    Yes, the one and only… 😉

  10. Hi, Kirstine! I finally found you! 🙂

    I am so happy to see photos of your new, beautiful life! Know that I am praying for you, all the way up in Camden, NJ. I miss going to Mass with you on Saturdays, but know that I think of and pray for you often!



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