Soon your Savior will come to you!

In my heart Sweet Jesus
Find a resting place,
Stay therein forever,
Fill it with Thy grace.

Cleanse it, make it holy,
Filled with Love Divine,
Make it meek and humble,
Make it like to Thine.


4 thoughts on “Soon your Savior will come to you!

  1. beautiful! merry Christmas, ladies!

    God bless you dear Charlotte! and may He reward you for your $ goodness toward us!

  2. I just love this website. It is a place I come to bask in it’s peace and serenity.
    May you all have a Merry Christmas and a fruitful year in 2010.

    The Lord bless you!

  3. can i be please ask that you remember us in your prayers….we own a business and have comeup to some very difficult times….in fact we already have
    recieved a eviction notice unless we come up with 40,000 dollars….IknowGod can do it all…most of all i pray that deep in my heart can learn to trust and accept the Lords blessing in this matter
    ….and leave it in His hands….so please pray that i can trust in the LORDS blessing….


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