He Came For Us

The Infant God-Child in our main cloister hallway welcoming all with outstretched arms

   “The mighty Word, in the human nature He assumed, traversed the heights and depths of the cosmos that in His divine nature He created. He came down so low, so that we who lie prostrate may be raise up aloft with him in Heaven” 

_  John Sayward in Cradle of Redeeming Love

     We pray you are having a very grace-filled Christmas and blessed New Year! 

    Here are some monastery scenes during the Christmas Season.

    We enjoyed our annual Christmas visit with our seminarians during the Christmas Octave. As Fr. Andy Garner, our diocesan vocation director reminded us, this is our 5th year together during the Advent / Christmas Season! 

     This year our Passionist Oblate Veda Mattingly loaned us the Christmas hats of Oblate Judy Roby (RIP). As you can see we had a lot of fun with these crazy hats!

Santa’s elves enjoy choosing a hat for each Sister

Party’s over!

“Whew, I’m glad to get that off my head.
Now if I can just off the floor!

   As I close this post I want to share with you that each of you, our readers, are in our prayers. We pray that the joys and trials of 2010 will bring you into a more intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. He truly is “the reason for the season”! What other religion has a god who would became a zygote, an embryo, an infant, a child, and eventually a man murdered in the prime of his life…so that you and I would KNOW the radical love of God for each of us personally?!  May the Passionate love of our Lord Jesus Christ be ever in our hearts!

   Oh, by the way, we have been having quite a few blog visitors recently…friends of Ane Kirstine!  She arrived safely this evening…just an hour ago. It was so wonderful to see her. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. She is truly a woman seeking to love God and neighbor in the Heart of the Church.  More photos in next post! 




10 thoughts on “He Came For Us

  1. Thanks for all the photos of your Christmas fun. The most fetching hat award is a two way split – Sr. Mary Andrea and Sr. John Mary. I had a good laugh – you were all definitely in the holiday spirit !

    Be assured of my continued prayers for Sr. Mary Margaret. I am so sorry to know she is not doing well.
    God bless you all,

  2. Joyous Christmastide and Happy New Year, Sisters! Thank you for posting the photos. They are such fun to see.

    I, too, will remember your Sr. Margaret Mary in my prayers.

    Ruth Ann

  3. Happy New Year, Sisters, and thanks for posting the pictures. It looked
    like you had a great time at Christmas!

    God bless you all!


  4. WooHoo, does Ane Kirstine get her jumper soon?

    Actually…she already has her jumper and veil! I hope to post some photos Sunday or early next week. We so appreciate everyone’s prayers for vocations to our community!

  5. Dear Sisters,

    I know that this is a bit off topic, but I wonder what you think of the “Peace, Justice, and Integrity of Creation” emphasis that one sees in certain corners of the Passionist community. I’ve visited the sites of other Passionist nuns and they seem to have lost sight of the original Passionist mission, which is to spread devotion to the Passion of Jesus Christ. Everything follows from the Passion of Jesus, including social concerns. Some of these Passionist sisters seem to have displaced Jesus with Planet Earth. It bothers me. What are your thoughts? Please keep me in your prayers.



    To put it simply – YES! It bothers us too! The Lord bless you and give you His peace.

  6. That’s wonderful for Ane Kirstine! (yes, I am another adoring fan…)

    Tell her that we love her, and that she is a true inspiration to her friends!

    Will do!

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  8. Dear Sister,
    Thank you so much for sharing the photos of part of your Christmas celebration there in the Monastery. When Judy asked me to keep the “Christmas Hat Tradition” going during her last Christmas with us (RIP Judy) little did she know her special Passionist Sisters would be joining in the fun she created during her life with us. I’m sure she had many chuckles in Heaven that day at the sight of it all.

    Please continue to pray for us who continue to miss Judy’s inspiring presence.

    God bless!
    Dear Veda – your message came through! Yeah for the Christmas hats – they added some zany fun to our Christmas afternoon. Judy is a special person – may she continue to intercede for us!


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