Busy days here in the monastery

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph be praised!

    I realize some of you keep checking the blog for wonderful information on our new postulant.  I do hope to get her entrance talk posted and some photos.

    I, Sponsa Christi, am the new monastery kitchen manager! Therefore, time at the computer is limited.

    Until then, may the passion of Christ be ever in our hearts so that we can show His face to the world! Let us pray for one another.



5 thoughts on “Busy days here in the monastery

  1. I’m one of those who has been checking back for news about the new postulant! lol

    monastery kitchen manager!

    Does that mean you supervise the cooking or does it mean that you are the cook? What would this title have been in the old days?

    Right now it is a hodge-podge of everything as things get organized. In the “old days” this was the “econome” who had charge of some of the temporal affairs of the monastery – She would have given the menu to the lay Sisters who would have done the cooking. At least that is my understanding! I am a post-Vatican II baby. 🙂

  2. Should we congratulate you on your new “job”? I for one love being in the kitche.

    God bless you, Sisters.

  3. Dear Sponsa Christi

    I enjoy following your blog and find it, and your lives in the monastery,
    very inspiring. I am familiar with your teaching order here in the UK.

    I think your latest message is so right. Your duties to your calling
    come first and you are all able to move between the different jobs
    to be done,as is required of you.

    Now and again we are able to ‘peep’ into your lives and share your
    loving relationship with Our Lord. Thank you for that.

    Love & prayers, Anne

  4. Hey Kirstine!!! We all love you so much and hope you’re doing amazing!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    Good to hear from you Whitney! Pax Christi


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