Resurrexit Sicut Dixit ~ Alleluia!

    Happy and Blessed Easter! Our Holy Mother Church has been celebrating the Easter Octave of the Resurrection of Jesus as one single day and so we have been striving to do this as well here in the monastery. The Gospel acclamation each day has been, “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad, Alleluia!” And so we too have been living this Easter joy after the past 40 days of Lent. I do believe my “fast” from blogging is over and I hope this is the first of many posts to come.

    One very exciting gift we received on Easter Sunday is that an excellent article about our postulant Ane Kirstine made the front cover of the Lexington Herald-Leader!  Believe me, you DON’T want to miss reading this article. There is also a photo slide-show plus the actual Q&A between Ane Kirstine and the reporter Amy Wilson. Congratulations to Amy Wilson who did a terrific job writing this article and special thanks to the editor Peter Baniak and photographer Charles Bertram.

St. Michael is one of the principal patrons of the Passionist Congregation. Here he defends our cloister.

    Don’t forget Easter lasts 50 days!  How is it that many people go through all of Lent and then only celebrate Easter for ONE day! Mind-boggling!  Let us celebrate Easter by longing to be filled more and more with the Spirit of Jesus and the power of His resurrection.  Each of you our readers have been and continue to be in our prayers. We count on yours!

The lovely lilacs are in bloom at the end of the retreat house.


8 thoughts on “Resurrexit Sicut Dixit ~ Alleluia!

  1. I, too, celebrate the Easter Octave and the fifty days. I find it the most joyful time of the liturgical year. The article about Ane Kirstine was very interesting. It is fascinating to hear about your way of life. God bless all of you.

  2. Very interesting indeed, but it does seem to me that sometimes reporters have a hard time with some words. She calls Ane Kirstine a “novitiate” when she’d really be called a “postulant,” right? Wouldn’t Sr. Rose Marie be the “novice” or “novitiate”?

    Or am I simply confusing terms. Perhaps Passionists have different names for things?

    Ane Kirstine and Sr. Rose Marie remain in my prayers, and also their families. The article shed light on how difficult it can be for them.

    You are correct Elizabeth. Ane Kirstine is a postulant. Sr. Rose Marie is a novice and they live in the “novitiate”. The place set apart in the monastery where new members live. Also, those women discerning our life and living in the monastery – aspirants, postulants and novices are referred to as the “novitiate members” or just the “novitiate”. So, one can see how the terminology can be confusing!

  3. It’s so good to hear from you again! Happy Easter!
    I read the article about Ane Kirsten with great interest. How generous of her to share her very personal story. I should think it will be uplifting to many young women – honest insight into the beginning journey of a vocation to religious life. I am filled with admiration for Ane Kirsten and all of you who give all so unselfishly!

    God bless you,


  4. To secular minds (including the minds of many worldly Catholics), the monastic vocation must seem like a voluntary imprisonment for life. The spirit of this world does not comprehend the monastic call because it does not know the divine archetype of monastic self-sacrifice and “imprisonment”: Jesus Christ, Our Eucharistic Lord, Who has made Himself the “Prisoner of Love” in the Blessed Sacrament and Whose infinite generosity is the model of the monastic vocation.

    Thank you, dear Sisters, novices, and postulants, for your Christ-like sacrifice, and for sharing with us your Easter joy — which is never far from Mary at the foot of the Cross.

    In Jesu XPI Passio,

  5. Greetings from TX! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your Easter joy! I was so glad to see a new post!

    I will be keeping Sr. Margaret Mary in my prayers.


    Dear Liz, it is wonderful to hear from you! We are looking forward to your monastic visit this summer!

  6. Hi Sisters!

    So glad to see you back in the “blogosphere” again, and the photos of your lovely springtime monastery are beautiful. It’s heading into a soggy start to autumn here in New Zealand so I’m trying not to “covet my neighbour’s flowers…”!

    I read the article on Ane Kirstine (linked from and was impressed by her honesty and courage. I understand something of the struggle of trying to explain a vocation to parents who don’t fully “get it”, but what did show through was her love for her family and her desire to help them understand the richness of the gift her vocation is to her.

    I will hold your dear Sister Margaret Mary in my prayer, that she may journey to the Great Door of death in the same way she has journeyed in life: with grace, love, courage, and joy.

    Peace in all your ways
    Sr Therese

  7. Greetings from Jamaica ! Alleluia ! It is great to see you back on line. Please give Sister Margaret Mary my love and assurance of the prayers of the Missionaries down here. Also, please pray for Fr. Anthony who had surgery shortly before Holy Week for a polyp on his vocal cords. We should get the results of the biopsy this week.

    Congrats for everything you do and are for the Church. Would it be not for people like you, we out there on the Field, would have stopped long ago. Thank you and all the nuns for your lives of oblation.

    Dear Msgr. what a lovely comment! You do have a way with words. May the Lord reward you for your brotherly-fatherly support of our monastic community. Prayers for Fr. Anthony. Please keep us posted. I will pass along your message to Sr. Margaret Mary. That will mean a lot to her. She has decided to stop chemo and begin hospice care, remaining in the hospital. We, trading off with family members, are staying with her 24/7. United in the Passion of our Beloved Savior Jesus.


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