Blessings abound!

    We are still amazed at the front page coverage of Ane Kirstine’s vocation story in a secular newspaper!  We wanted to give you a peek at it.  On the left – color photo of Ane Kirstine standing at the foot of the cross – front page of the newspaper!  On left – inside full-page story with 2 more photos.  What a gift from the Lord. Lexington is a big college town – University of Kentucky – we pray that some young discerning women see the article and are inspired to discern Passionist life!

Our monastery cat Danny Boy wanted to get in the picture too

     This past Sunday brought us the wonderful visit of two of our Sisters from our monastery of Passionist Nuns in Erlanger, Kentucky – Mother Margaret Mary, CP and Sr. Maria Grace, CP. Yes, Kentucky is blessed with not one but TWO monasteries of Passionist Nuns! Our Sisters in Erlanger may soon have a website to promote their community Passionist contemplative life; we’ll let you know when this is up and running. Please continue to pray for holy and healthy vocations to our communities here in the U. S. and throughout the world.  God bless you!


4 thoughts on “Blessings abound!

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  3. What a great witness Ane Kirstine is being! Great interview and what awesome coverage in the Lexington paper. Just amazing! I hope many people read it and are inspired to listen carefully to God’s call in their lives as Ane Kirstine has. We can all learn from her willingness and determination to follow Christ.

    United in Christ,


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