Better late than never!

      Yes, that’s right. I am still making up for lost time from earlier this year when I went on a “blog fast”!  I thought you might still enjoy these photos.  

This snownun’s name was Sr. Frostina.

 Sr. Mary Andrea joined the novitiate members in creating our snownun.  Please God, next year there will be more novitiate members to make more snownuns!  Pray for Jaclyn and Elizabeth who are discerning a call to our Passionist life and who will be visiting our community this summer!  Hooray!

Are we glad warmer days are upon us!?

 St. Joseph, our might protector, watching over our monastery grounds.



3 thoughts on “Better late than never!

  1. Sister Frostina! I love it. Thanks for posting the pictures — a good reminder to NOT complain about the heat!!

    God bless you, Sisters.

    Love in Christ,


  2. two new aspirants, how good! I will pray for Jaclyn and Elizabeth’s intentions!

    Thank you for those prayers! By the way, they will not be aspirants – that is the next step of discernment. The aspirancy program is a live-in experience that lasts 2 – 3 months. Their live-in time with us will just be for a week. We pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit!


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