Commercial airing on EWTN!

    Yea! We just heard that our vocation commercial, filmed last November 2009, has been seen on EWTN!  Please pray that Passionist Nuns will become more known and that our Lord would send us holy and healthy vocations.


8 thoughts on “Commercial airing on EWTN!

  1. What wonderful news, Sisters! May it inspire many other young women to your Order.

    Love in Christ,


  2. I saw it too! 🙂

    Liz, sooo good hearing from you! It was wonderful having you with us last week to discern Passionist life!

  3. God continues to call and I pray many women answer that call to the Passionist life!

    What would the rest of us do without your prayers and sacrifices???

    Sr. Kasandra

  4. I love that video! Have you considered posting it on YouTube or

    David, God reward you!

    YouTube – I think we are weary of putting it on a secular site. What type of rights do they have over the video once they post it? – that’s a great idea. Say a prayer one of us gets more time for vocation endeavors such as looking into this!

    By the way, we are praying for your special intention.

  5. Sponsa Christi,

    While I’m not sure about the video rights issues associated with posting on YouTube (I could look into it), I know that the Holy See has its own YouTube channel:

    I would love to volunteer my time to help the Passionist Nuns modernize their vocations efforts. Social media is a professional interest of mine (I’m a manager and consultant in the field of corporate learning and education) and I would feel blessed to put my skills to work in the service of Holy Mother Church.

    Thank you so much for your prayers. Some good opportunities are on the horizon. My wife and I are still praying to St. Gemma every day. God bless you!

    In Jesu XPI Passio,

    Thank you David! We are going to take you up on your generous offer and will be in touch with you.

  6. If you put it on YouTube, sisters, it will be seen by a lot more people, and you can control whether or not it is embedded elsewhere or whether to allow comments (I wouldn’t). You really have nothing to fear. If you’re worried about freaks with nun fetishes, they know about all the God/Gloria sites, too.

    Thank you Beth! We are going to slowly move forward on this.

  7. That’s awesome Sisters. Praise God. May we see the fruit of your work bear new vocations. May God prosper the work of your hands. Thank you EWTN!


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