Celebrating the Triumph of the Cross

    For Passionists this Feast is celebrated with great solemnity.  Here is a segment of a letter from our Holy Founder Saint Paul of the Cross regarding this feast…

Have you celebrated with solemnity the feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross? You will answer ‘yes,’ but do you know what I really mean? The feast of the cross is celebrated every moment in the inner temple of the true lovers of the Crucified. How is it celebrated? I will explain as well as I can. It is celebrated spiritually in silent suffering, without the support of any creature whatever. Since feasts are celebrated with joy, lovers of the Crucified celebrate the feast of the cross with interior silence and suffering, but with an appearance of serenity and joy.

Thus, the feast is hidden from creatures and revealed only the the Supreme Good.  There is a banquet at this feast, because we are nourished by the Father’s will, as our crucified Love was. What sweet nourishment it is! The dishes are seasoned in various ways, now with bodily or mental pain, again with the opposition, misrepresentation and scorn of men. O how sweet to the palate of the soul with savors them in pure faith and holy love, in silence and hope…

     In case some would wonder, when our founder says to suffer in silence he does not mean one cannot / should not speak with an appropriate person about suffering.  No man is an island! We all need spiritual companions, persons who will encourage us to take up our cross and follow Him.  What he is talking about is not complaining to everyone and anyone about our sufferings.  How difficult it can be to keep one’s mouth shut and not complain!  May Our Lady of Sorrows, whose Feast is tomorrow, September 15, aid us to carry the cross with love, hope and courage.

    Happy Feast days!


3 thoughts on “Celebrating the Triumph of the Cross

  1. I know very little about St. Paul of the Cross, but this excerpt from a letter is very telling and beautiful. The 15th is also my birthday, and I’m so happy about the feast day on which I was born. Mary has helped me carry my cross(es) and for that I am very grateful.

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