Passionist Nuns Summer 2010 Newsletter

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7 thoughts on “Passionist Nuns Summer 2010 Newsletter

  1. Please send paper copy to me at my home address.

    I have been a retreatant at The Bronx, NY, Cardinal Spellman Retreat House, for many years. And I have always had a special devotion to St. Paul of the Cross for my whole adult life. A cousin of my grandmother, who was a Brother in a monastery in Union City New Jersey started the devotion to St. Paul of the Cross among our family at the beginning of the 20th century (1918???). Anyway, I was delighted to find a reference to your newsletter in the course of my web browsing and would like to be able to stay in touch with you and offer special prayers for your success in all your endeavors. I will find time to read your newsletter and will keep you in my prayers. God bless you.
    Dear Lucille, we would be honored to have your special prayers for our community, especially our health needs and for more holy, healthy and happy Passionist Nuns to fill our ranks! Your address will most certainly be added to our newsletter list. You should hear from us around Christmas!

  2. Please place me on your newsletter mailing list. I see how much I can benefit spiritually from reading each issue.

    Esther Griffin

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  4. I love to get newsletters from Religious sisters. I can’t count how many I am signed up for. They offer me such inspiration I can’t find any place else. Please sign me up!
    5426 S. Gordon Ave.
    Newaygo, MI 49337

    I also have a blog where a group of Catholic young women write. I invite one of your sisters (postulant, novice, professed) to be a guest blogger some time. As I just said, you offer me inspiration I can’t find any other place and I think our readers will agree.

    God bless you!
    Thanks for the wonderful blog you have begun Bernadette! I will let my Superior know of your offer to be a guest blogger. God bless you!

  5. Hi, again, Sisters…
    Seems like I keep getting disconnected by the events of our Holy Cross Province. As a matter of fact, it was only last week that I got to the hard copy of the Summer Newsletter. Great issue, because I think that history is so important for us to understand the present.
    However, I am no longer in Houston, leading the local community. Now I am in Chicago, with responsibility for the Office of Mission Effectiveness. Keep me in your prayers, please. Thanks. Fr. Arthur Carrillo, C.P.

  6. Mother Catherine please add me to the newletter to be delivered to our home. We love reading them and love you all,too. God bless you for all you tireless work and hope and prayers.


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