Lots of Photos!

    I know, it has been ages since I last posted!  What can I say…we’re not on vacation here…nor praying on our knees 24/7!  It is truly ora et labora! 

    I was recently contacted by a woman who wants to include our community in their “Nun Run” in spring 2011 – yea!  When I asked her how she learned about our community she said it was through this blog – so this poor neglected blog is doing some good!  When I feel a bit discouraged that I am unable to keep up with it on a regular basis I recall the wise words of G. K. Chesterton – “If something is worth doing…it is worth doing poorly.”  Hmmm… that gives me hope!

   Late last summer brought us a delightful visit with Nancy Nickel, director of Communications at the Passionist Development Office for the Passionist men in the Holy Cross province.

    Nancy was here interviewing some of our Sisters for the spring edition of The Passionists. During her stay she generously answered our request to take some photos of our life – most especially of our Litury.  God bless and reward you Nancy!

   (Recall that Ane Kirstine was still an aspirant when these photos were taken.)  Hang on! There are a lot of photos here.






























12 thoughts on “Lots of Photos!

  1. Thank you for posting the beautiful photos. I look forward to reading all of your blog postings and love looking at the photos which each tell a special story of life as a Passionist Nun.

  2. How beautiful! I wish I could come for a retreat – I need one! And it must be so lovely and quiet there right now! And wow, that means AK is just a few months from entering her novitiate! I will pray for her!

  3. Such beautiful images. Thank you for sharing them. They radiate the joy of the Faith that surely comes from such wholehearted devotion to the Passion of Jesus Christ. God bless you!

  4. Such beautiful photos and such great memories relived. We had Mass this morning in St. Paul of the Cross’s room and I said a prayer for all the great Sisters of St. Joseph’s monastery. May God reward and bless each one of you!

    God reward you Brother Brad! I hope everyone who reads this will visit your newest seminary endeavor! – BLOGGING – http://www.bsmithjam.blogspot.com/ You are in our prayers too.

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  7. These pictures are beautiful! 🙂

    Thank you Liz. We can’t wait to see you again when you enter the aspirancy in 2011 – Blessed be God! 🙂

  8. Your blog has a far wider reach than you know. I’m a women who lives in Australia who will be meeting with a Passionist Father on Nov 20th. I contacted the Fathers due to reading your blog and becoming interested in the charism. I asked about the possibility of a foundation here of the contemplative wing of the order and I was invited to meet with him. So if it wasn’t for your blog I would not be meeting him in just over a week’s time.


    Wow. Veni Sancte Spiritus! By the way, Passionist Nuns the world over will be on retreat November 20th. We have our annual devotional renewal of vows on November 21st – Feast of the Presentation of Mary in the Temple – which this year falls on the last Sunday of the Church Year making it also the Feast of Christ the King! May God’s will be done in this matter!

  9. I doubt if you have any idea how important it is for you to continue to write on this blog. The world is hungry for the prayers of nuns and the world is hungry to know that the prayers are being offered.

    For myself, just knowing that women are devoting their entire lives for a life of prayer makes it possible for me to turn to prayer and to believe that prayers are heard.

  10. I love these photos!
    Thank you for a lovely blog!
    I would love to see more of the monastery; what the cells look like, the refectory and such. 🙂
    You always write about such interesting things, it’s a blessing to be able to be a witness to your lives in this way.

    Kind regards,



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