Thanksgiving Day brought us an opportunity to reflect on the many gifts of God to us over this past year.  We also had much to be thankful for on this particular day – both our Sisters who reside at Carmel Home were able to be present with us for Thanksgiving dinner – Hooray!

Sister Ann Miriam listens intently to Sister Mary Dolores’ story

Sister Margaret Mary enjoys the peach pie


   So, what are those nuns up to now?  Another skit? No, this is the real deal!  Thanksgiving Day brought us much needed rain, along with a sag in the paint filled with rain water in the refectory.

    This was our evening after-meal-entertainment.

 Mother Catherine Marie is about to demonstrate another use for the veil pin!

As the on-lookers watch…

Do other monasteries have these exciting experiences??? You betcha!  One has to have a sense of humor in this life and our Lord helps us fulfill this need!


    Back to gratitude…

    I haven’t been able to keep up with sharing all the monastery news with you.  Our Sister Mary Andrea renewed her temporary vows on the feast of our Holy Founder October 20th. The Bishop presided at the Mass and it was followed by a lovely feast of food and fellowship.

 (Well, I can’t seem to find the photos from Sr. Mary Andrea’s vow renewal – I’ll have to post them later!)

   September 8th – the feast of the Birth of Mary – brought a great grace to our community and to the world. Our affiliate Christie made a private vow of chastity. Here she is pictured with our dear friend and her spiritual director Fr. Andy Garner. The ceremony took place during Vespers.

    Well, I will have to continue this year-end reflection on gratitude another time. It is time for that holy repose!


5 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. May I ask who writes the posts for your blog? Is it one Sister or a team?

    God bless you, Sisters. I enjoy the glimpses into your lives.

    For now it is one Sister. But, God-willing, when more young women embrace our life as a bride of Christ, we can make it a team. I look forward to that day!

  2. Dearest Sisters,

    I am thrilled to see Sr. Margaret Mary’s picture!! =D Please let her know that she is continually in my prayers!! What a living testament she is to St Joseph’s Monastery and the Passionist Order! I won’t forget her many loving kindnesses to me especially when I was going through a difficult transition in my life.

    I am so happy to be back with Church and Sacraments!I humbly ask for her prayers and the nuns of St Joseph to please pray for my siblings and our relationships to one another. Yes, there has been some progress in this area. =)

    Wishing Each of You a Blessed Advent!

  3. I love your blog Sisters. This Thanksgiving I am grateful to have found “my” monastery to discern with. Please pray for me and my family. I’ll be talking with them while on winter break.

    In the hearts of Jesus and Mary,

    We are so happy for you Maya! And thank you for responding to Jesus’ beautiful call to give yourself completely to Him. You and (your family eventually!) will be grateful for all eternity. Peace of the Bridegroom be yours.

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