Jesus Became a Pre-Born Child for Us

     Pope Benedict has initiate an historic call for prayer for all Nascent Human Life – basically a world-wide prayer movement to bring an end to abortion. We will be participating in this prayer event this evening with Eucharistic adoration, blessing of the Advent wreathe, First Vespers of Advent, Rosary and Benediction. How I love being Catholic! There are so many ways to express our solidarity with our brothers and sisters throughout the world – even our little brothers and sisters in the womb!

    We join our voices with Monsignor Ignacio Barreiro-Carámbula, interim president of Human Life International. “We recognize with the Holy Father that as the assaults on human life that are accelerating around the world have evil as their root cause, the most powerful response we in the Church can make is to pray in unity for an end to the assault.  Prayer grounds us in the only Power that can ultimately defeat the one behind the culture of death, so we are grateful to be united with the Holy Father in this historic event.”



5 thoughts on “Jesus Became a Pre-Born Child for Us

  1. Your prayers are needed. One of the big liberal blogs is holding a fundraiser to promote late-term abortion. We are certainly living in troubling times…and yes, how I love being Catholic, too.

  2. Life is beautiful. Please pray for me, I’m a seminarian with the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy.

    Yes! Prayers and sacrifices for you and please pray do the same for us.

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  4. I forgot to mention, since it is Advent, the anniversary of my baptism as an adult into the Catholic Church is Christmas Eve. This Christmas Eve, I will have been a Catholic for 18 years. I love the whole idea of Christmas baptisms. It seems very appropriate to me.

  5. Dear sisters, thank you for sharing this image of the unborn saviour. it is very powerful. Since it has been on your website l have been seeing it on billboards all over London (England) It seems somebody was listening to the Holy Fathers counsel when he came to the UK. We were asked to celebrate Christmas in a meaningful way and avoid secularisation. I am so happy about that. God bless you sisters.

    Thanks for sharing this! How wonderful. Blessed be God!


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