Celebrating the Feast of Re-Creation

   Merry Christmas Octave!

Blessed Feast of the Theotokos!

Happy New Year!

Holy Epiphany Eve!

    I hope you don’t mind – this blog post is going to be kind of all over the place. Perhaps that is how some of you are feeling on this last day of 2010!  

    Tonight we will have exposition of the Blessed Sacrament at 11:30 and “ring in the New Year” by chanting Matins. All of you, our readers, have a special share in our poor prayers. May the Lord forgive all our sins and faults of 2010 and may we respond more generously to the promptings of His radical Love in 2011.

   Now for sundry photos and thoughts…

Our Jesse Tree in our refectory a few days before Christmas

    During the Advent liturgy we heard many Old Testament readings telling of the coming of the long-awaited Messiah. They waited thousands of years for Him to come! 

“Joy to the world!
The Lord has come!
Let earth receive her King!”

    Even from the confines of His cradle, Redeeming Love begins the restoration of the universe.


Christmas brought us a little humor too…

    It’s hard to believe it has been almost two years since the big ice storm of 2009. Mother Catherine Marie, always the generous one, making sure her spiritual daughters are a little better prepared for “next time”, found a good deal on these bonnet scarves and so bought each of us one for Christmas!



    I have some very EXCITING news to share with you…we have an aspirant coming this week!  She will arrive Wednesday evening. The aspirancy lasts about 3 months; it is an extended visit to further discern Passionist life.  Please keep Liz and her family in your prayers. Liz hails from Texas – so we will have another Texan in our midst!


    The Epiphany of Bethlehem is a strange mingling of light and shadow. The Dayspring from on high shines upon a world darkened by sin and death and subservience to the powers of night. The great God-Man is made known to a few men but remains hidden from most. Some welcome and worship Him, while others plot His destruction.  Innocent hearts blaze with the flame of love, and yet corrupted minds fill up with the smoke of hate. Even in His infancy, in the very act of being manifested, the face of the Man of Sorrows is “as it were hidden and despised” (Isaiah 53:3).

    May the Star arise within us to pierce the darkness of our hearts, our nation, our world and lead us to the Bethlehem above.

~ Some of these ponderings are from Cradle of Redeeming Love: The Theology of the Christmas Mystery by John Saward

~ Night photos of monastery courtesy of Sr. Rose Marie’s father – Mark Schoppe


11 thoughts on “Celebrating the Feast of Re-Creation

  1. Happy New Year!!! Blessed Feast of our Blessed Mother Mary!
    I’m almost flying to pieces! (in a good way!!) Can’t wait 🙂


    p.s. I love these night photos!

  2. Wonderful pictures, especially the night pics. Will keep Liz (and Ane Kirstine and Sr. Rose Marie) in my prayers.

  3. Sister Rose Marie’s father has a gift of taking pictures that really lift the soul to God. how beautiful. Karen

  4. An aspirant! That is blessed news indeed! And if my math is correct, sometime in the next months it’ll be time for Ane Kirstine to join Sr Rose Marie as a novice!

  5. Yes, when is Ane Kirstine being made a novice? She has been on my mind lately as I knew it was coming up to the end of the 1-year minimum for postulancy… please let us know! 🙂

    My, you all are very inqusitive aren’t you? 🙂 We are so grateful for interest in our life and in particular for the growth of our little community. Things are looking very good but I have to keep it a secret for now!

    The Lord bless you! – Sponsa Christi

  6. I look forward every day to visiting your blog.
    What a blessing and inspiration you all are.

    The pictures are wonderful!! Thank you for sharing the various happenings going on at the monastery.

    A blessed New Year 2011 to you all!!!

    Thank you for your beautiful message!

  7. Pingback: Lisa Graas » Flesh Crying Out to God, and the Redemption

  8. As always, I’m heartened by the innocence and joy that shines forth from the words and images of this wonderful blog. Please tell Liz that a fellow Texan prays for a fruitful outcome of her aspirancy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    May the Passion of Jesus Christ be always in our hearts!

  9. Wow! Awesome night photos! Thanks for posting them.

    Best wishes to Liz. Please know that she will be in my prayers. May God bless her aspirancy with abundant grace and peace as she discerns His will for her life. From the above post, it sounds as if she is very excited. Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow.

    God bless you all dear sisters.

  10. I suppose we can be patient. Humph.


    But more seriously, it is unusual to have this window into the life of a cloister and while I recognize that it probably is appropriate for most monasteries to remain more “hidden in Christ” I’m so grateful that you and the Summit Dominicans have invited us in this way. It is a gift to the Church.

    And you both have growing novitiates, which I’m sure is no coincidence — but I also wonder how many people have grown attracted to the monastic life through your blog and the Summit Dominicans, and ended up entering elsewhere. I bet that many people have done exactly that.

  11. Another person here waiting early for news about Ane Kirstine. Also just to let you know, I did meet with the Passionist father and we are still talking. I’ll be receiving some material from the Passionist library in Adelaide to read also. Please pray for other Australian women to become inspired, so far I am the only one interested…


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