OK – One Photo!

   Dear Friends, OK – I don’t want to be thought of as too cruel 🙂  Therefore, check out this link to the “Novitiate Corner” on our website and you will find a photo of Sr. Cecilia Maria!  You will also enjoy her reflections found there.

    More photos later this week or early next!


6 thoughts on “OK – One Photo!

  1. What a blessing it is to see the the joy of the Lord on all of their faces!! And their reflections are so inspiring.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Congratulations, Sr. Cecilia Maria. How lovely you are in the holy habit – it suits you well. May God be with you as you continue your journey. You are remembered in my prayers. I look forward to more pictures of your special day.

  3. What a joy! The Church remains in good hands with such amazing women being formed to take up the reins.

    Thanks be to God for his mercy.

  4. Congratulations to Sister Cecilia Maria and all the
    sisters in your Passionist family. How truly lovely and radiant with joy S. Cecilia Maria looks!

  5. Congratulations, Sr. Cecilia Maria.
    Continue forever united in our experience of charisma!
    We pray for each other!
    Sr. Daniela – Passionist Nuns Monastery Santa Gema – Brasil

    It is wonderful to hear from you Sister Daniela! Yes, let us remain forever united in the experience of our Passionist charism!


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