All For the Beloved

    The last few weeks here have been very full. So much to post and so little time to do so! The following are some random things going on around here.

    There was a Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat held in our Guest House. This retreat is for Post-Abortive men and women. Please do keep them in your prayers. Fr. Ben Cameron is the site leader for the Rachel’s Vineyard retreats in our area and recently founded a Confraternity of Our Lady of Mercy for post-abortive persons seeking healing and holiness. The confraternity also includes persons who have not undergone abortions but wish to join themselves spiritually to a beautiful work of healing such as this.


    Sr. Cecilia Maria’s family was here for the traditional visit after a vestition.

Sr. Cecilia Maria with her beloved family.


“Strike up the instruments!”

Whitney on violin treats us to Mozart’s Concerto No. 4

Sr. Cecilia Maria experimenting with the dulcimer and her family sings along – of course, it is a folk song of “The Brothers Four” entitled “Michael Row the Boat to Shore”.
This one’s for you Tim!

Sr. Rose Marie on the banjolin!


    Our nine days of prayer to St. Gabriel of our Lady of Sorrows, patron of our novitiate brought many graces and some visitors discerning Passionist life.

    Fours special gals and their devoted chaperones from Smyrna, Georgia made us a part of their Spring Break Nun Run – Do come again! Plus another young woman and her mother were able to join us for several days of Passionist living. Please keep these young women in your prayers as they seek to find and follow God’s plan for their beautiful lives.


Lastly, I thought I would bring you some highlights from this year’s feast day party for the Novice Directress
Sr. Mary Veronica.

Real china for this year’s tea party!

Tea leaves without a tea ball???

The novitiate (Liz – “Much-Afraid”, Sr. Cecilia Maria – “The Shepherd”, Sr. Rose Marie – Narrator) acts out a scene from Hinds’ Feet on High Places. For you Hannah Hurnard fans this is from page 127 of her book. The theme? “Doing the impossible is the funnest thing ever!”
(Sr. Rose Marie’s paraphrase)  🙂

Sr. Cecilia Maria introduced us to “Here is My Light”
by Ed Conlin of Ann Arbor

Sr. John Mary had to get in a favorite from her NET days
– “Song of the Beloved” by Laure Krupp



9 thoughts on “All For the Beloved

  1. Thank you, Sisters, for the wonderful visit! The pictures are all great and how I wish I could have seen the “Novitiate Show”. The Appalachian Dulcimer was a special treat. Love and Hugs to all.
    Jane – thank you for the words to “Boil (Bile) them Cabbage Down”. We just sang it together this afternoon – it was a hoot!

  2. Sometimes when I am having a bad day, I come here and check out all the little things on your site and it just makes me feel better. The serenity on your faces helps. Knowing you are all there praying for us helps. Thank you.

  3. Sharing these wonderful photos of your life-events does more than you can imagine–to promote Passionist vocations. I shall continue praying that more & more young women are inspired to seek Jesus at your monastery!

  4. Great pictures, Sisters! I’ve seen Deepa’s smiling crew on 3 blogs now. And Sister Cecilia Maria and her sister Whitney look like twins…are they? No, but that is a common question!

  5. What a wonder celebration you had — the pictures of all including those young women who made their “nun run” resonant true sense of “family” for sure; Liz and all are in our daily prayers. May we be so bold as to ask for all to join with many of us here in Texas, California, Michigan including the plea at the international level to pray for the recovery of our sister “Nena”. May all of us be brave to answer God’s call of service to others and for the vocation He has called us to fulfill His Will for our lives that better serves Him; for we are His heart eyes, ears, hands, feet here on earth to touch others with His great mercy and love. God Bless!

  6. i read hind’s feet in high places on sr. rose marie’s recommendation; strange book, but so good! and a TEA PARTY! YAY!

  7. Hi Kirstine , Alice and I loved the wonderful family pictures; wish we were there to enjoy the music. Maybe someday we will visit. luv to all 🙂

    Grandma 🙂
    Alice 🙂
    Chris 🙂

  8. Hi Kirstine , Alice and I loved the wonderful family pictures; wish we were there to enjoy the music. Maybe someday we will visit. luv to all 🙂

    Grandma 🙂
    Alice 🙂
    Chris 🙂

  9. Ditto to Beth’s comment. Are you sure you aren’t all NET veterans???

    NET came to our parish and two of my kids participated. It was wonderful for them. Prayers for NET, for the girls from Georgia….and for all of your intentions, as well.

    God bless all those who participated in Rachel’s Vineyard. He is very near to them.


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