I Call You By Name

    “Why do you change your name?” This is an often-asked question when we have a group of young people here.  Sr. Cecilia Maria’s recent name change inspired her to write some of her thoughts about it.

    Be Inspired…


2 thoughts on “I Call You By Name

  1. Congratulations Sr. Cecilia Maria. I’m so happy to see you have become a novice, and I can’t wait to see the picture slide of the ceremony.

    Cecilia Maria is such a lovely name, how was this name selected for Sr. Cecilia Maria and what is the historical significance of this name?

    I’ll be posting something on the name soon!

  2. Sisters, how many decades does the rosary worn on the Passionist habit consist of? is it true that it is 10? if so why? Thanks!

    Yes, it is true, our Passionist rosary has only 10 decades. Well…I have never seen this in writing, but I have been told that the 10 decades represent the joyful and glorious mysteries and that we, keeping a grateful remembrance of His Passion in our hearts, live the sorrowful mysteries. Of course, now there are also the Luminous mysteries to pray as well – giving us 20 decades.


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