Lent With Saint Paul of the Cross

Our friend, Fr. Victor Hoagland Passionist of the Province of St. Paul of the Cross (East Coast), has a new book out. I haven’t read it but the cover is so appealing I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it with you.


If St. Paul of the Cross–Paul Danei, founder of the Passionists–were to accompany you through Lent I’m sure he would be with you as you are and the world you live in as it is. He was never afraid of darkness and dark places, so you may find him a helpful spiritual guide. He trusted in Jesus Christ and his cross, ‘the wisdom and power of God;’ I’m sure he will bring some of that wisdom to you.

~ Fr. Victor Hoagland, CP

You’ll find here a short biography of St. Paul of the Cross, a brief history of the Passionists, a description of his writings and spirituality, and reflections and prayers for each day of Lent based on the gospels and the writings of the saint.  244 pages.

Consider making St. Paul of the Cross your companion this Lent!


4 thoughts on “Lent With Saint Paul of the Cross

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  2. I hope it covers impatience! I have way too much of that. Thanks for sharing this!

    In case you haven’t seen it, sisters, I wanted to let you know about this documentary about the Poor Clares at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery. It’s called “Cloistered”: God’s Women of Steel”.


    I hope you and all of your blog visitors have a blessed Lenten season.

  3. I have ordered the book and am looking forward to being blessed by the writings of St. Paul of the Cross. To get a closer look into his heart and his great love for the Passion of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    May it be the desire of our hearts to know Jesus in a greater way during these 40 days of lent.

    God bless you all!!

    Yay! I am so happy someone is ordering this book! Saint Paul of the Cross, ora pro nobis!


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