A Great Need for Prayer…

    We continue to be united with so many of you in praying for our dear brothers and sisters of Japan at this time. We recently heard from our nuns in Japan that they did not suffer directly from the earthquake nor tsunami. We thank God for that. Special thanks also to Lisa Graas who kindly posted this on her blog just today. Now we must pray against all harm from the damaged nuclear power plants.

Jesus Mercy!

    Another prayer need…yesterday we learned that one of our Passionist priests at St. Ann’s Basilica in Scranton, PA was attacked on Ash Wednesday. He had 12 stab wounds, lacerations and some bruises.  We thank God that he is resting, healing and hoping to be back in full swing soon.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us sinners!


2 thoughts on “A Great Need for Prayer…

  1. As we pray for our brothers and sisters affected by natural disasters can we also pray for those who give their energies as first responders in emergencies small and large. And also for those in the middle east who are involved in a struggle for liberation from oppression.

  2. Oh, my. How horrible. I had not heard about this attack. I will pray. Sisters, I am so grateful for your vocation during these troubling times. I just can’t even tell you how sustaining it is for so many. Thank you so much for all you do. The strength of the Church depends on the beating heart of the monasteries sending life into us.



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