Life in the Monastery

   Perhaps you are wondering why you haven’t heard from us in a while…or you might be getting used to my infrequent blogging.  

    Anyway, the first group of “Marys” had a wonderful retreat. This has been my “Martha” week – all my usual kitchen helpers are “Marys” this week. 


Things were a little crazy (again!) without them.  The air conditioning broke down in the kitchen – please God it will be fixed this coming week. The beater in the very large mixer broke and I melted the timer while cooking the pasta! 

    A group of men was here several days ago working in the courtyard and cemetery area pulling out the half dead shrubbery. We are re-doing our landscaping – easier to manage and please God, prettier. The front of the monastery looks great but the courtyard is quite neglected. 

    Oh, and I made some new friends during my glorious 8-day retreat – about 30 chiggers!

    Some of you might not be familiar with chiggers… here is an interesting picture of one. They can actually barely be seen without a microscope. Since this is a monastic blog and not a science blog I’ll let you find more information about them yourself.

     Sorry, I don’t have time to post more…there is a bad electrical storm and I need to sign off! 



One thought on “Life in the Monastery

  1. Sister,

    Paint the area of the chiggers with fingernail polish -an old Army trick. Clear might be best for the sisters – it was for guys in the Army!

    Good luck with them and God Bless!

    Yes, I heard about that when I entered the monastery. But I just read that this is like an “old wive’s tale”. I never seemed to get much comfort from the nail polish! The chiggers do make a good “hair shirt”.


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