With Regard to Your Vocation…

Jesus on mount

With regard to your vocation, wait on the loving breath of the Holy Spirit and live entirely abandoned in the divine arms of Jesus Christ, who is mindful of the state in life you should embrace. Be sure that if you are faithful to God, he will open a wonderful path so that you may find a place apt to lead to the highest perfection. But for now take care of yourself as best you can in your home, where you have occasions to exercise great acts of virtue at every hour and every moment.

St. Paul of the Cross to 18 year old Teresa Palozzi. Teresa was a part of the first group of Passionist Nuns which were founded when she was 34 years old.

Photo: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by iko


One thought on “With Regard to Your Vocation…

  1. So it is for everyone. Everyone has a place in God’s plan, and everyone should ‘wait on the loving breath of the Holy Spirit’.

    I am in awe of how we are all so fearfully and wonderfully made, each of us unique, with a different role, but yet, all together in the Blessed Trinity.

    There is never a moment when we are without God, and nothing happens to us that He is not mindful of.

    But….waiting is frequently required, and it is always for our benefit to wait and listen.

    Lord, grant me patience.



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