Our World Needs the Priesthood!

Regarding the recent priest scandal one of our Sisters was inspired to write this poem and chalk this image of Our Lady – Sorrowful Mother of Priests. May this inspire each of us to seek to offer our lives with and for our priests. They need our prayers and sacrifices! And our world needs them!

Sorrowful Mother of Priests


(Sorrowful Mother of Priests)

At this Cross my station keeping,
I shed mother’s teardrops, weeping
for my fallen, wayward son.

Ramah sounds anew with moaning –
What revives the ancient groaning,
Rachel’s grief again begun?

Way abandoned, crossed beams broken,
crown discarded, all the tokens
of unfinished holocaust.

Hear my bitter lamentation:
What can be my consolation?
Ah, my son! My son is lost!

Tenderly now let me gather
in my arms what sin has scattered,
for to safeguard faithfully.

Pierced with thorns, my hands now shed
crimson tears in his blood’s stead;
may their prayer beg grace from Thee!

Father, make my heart the altar
where his flame burns, lest it falter,
left forgotten by its priest.

Him who cannot himself offer
on my paten I now proffer
for Thy sacrificial feast.

As I lift up contrite heart,
let my spirit take his part
in a humble offering.

In my tears find his contrition,
in my prayer his heart’s petition,
as my voice Thy mercy sings.

Never shall I cease to raise
heart and eyes – in grief or praise –
to the Savior of our ways.

“Comfort, daughter,” says the Lord,
“Mourning love I shall reward:
thou shalt see thy son restored.”

6 thoughts on “Our World Needs the Priesthood!

  1. I am most grateful to my priest for being there to restore me and refresh me in the deepest darkness I have ever known. God bless all priests.

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  3. Let us all remember in our prayers & sufferings the many falsely accused priests who’ve been stripped of their faculties (Jesus stripped of His garments), & deprived of all priestly assignments; some of whom are imprisoned under heinous circumstances. One is a very dear friend of ours. May Our Lord & His Blessed Mother hold them in their most loving Hearts for these priests are very precious to Them! The lives of these priests have been destroyed by people interested only in getting large sums of money from the Church. May God forgive them & bring them back to Him!


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