Woes of Updating the Monastic Blog…

Greetings to my monastic friends…wondering why nothing new has been posted here for awhile?  Well…kitchen work has kept Sponsa Christi busy… and prayer, Lectio Divina and monastic observances come first… And alas, I need to do some updating of this WordPress version…

You see, I had troubles 3 years ago when I updated my WordPress and I have had my “head in the sand” since! Hoping that if I just didn’t update there wouldn’t be any problems.  You know where that kind of thinking leads don’t you…

So, now I have bigger problems…but nothing unsolvable!  So Sister Website Keeper and I made a new friend today who helped us with updating the blog – and I’m now using Mozilla Firefox which took care of some of the problems. But now we need to update the MySQL.

Anyway, we’re going to continue working on updating this blog and the version of WordPress. I don’t know what’s going to happen. Our Blog Guru friend told me that I might lose the changes I have made to this blog theme. Soooo…if you see some odd things on the blog know that it might be “under construction”.  And now I can’t get the photo above to be aligned in the center…oh, woe…

This blog belongs to our Sorrowful Mother anyway. I hope she will continue to use it to make her crucified and risen Son more known and loved…and also make our way of life more understood so that women out there know we are a holy and happy option in religious life!

Till next time…I must sign off…

May the Passion of Jesus and the Sorrows of Mary be ever in our Hearts!



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