Summer Days in the Monastery

Today we had a WONDERFUL group of young gals visit us to learn about Passionist life. They are from Bowling Green, Kentucky. I am so bummed I forgot to take a photo of them for the blog! God bless you dear Kentucky gals!  Come again…  🙂

Now some photos from summer days in the monastery…

Earlier this summer we had two dear friends with us – Brother Brad Smith who was here on retreat and a visit from Fr. Thomas Petri, OP.

We’ve also had daily visits from our raccoon family – this is only one of the crew – and do they LOVE cat food!

The cats don’t know what to think of them ‘coons eating their food.

This has also been a summer of rabbits taking up residence in our cloister courtyard.

This butterfly took up residence in this flower and never left. “Butterfly Heaven”?

Friends Chuck and Anne Hagan have been a tremendous help in our garden. God bless you!

While we sweltered in the Kentucky heat, our white veiled novice gets a bit animated (NEVER!) while telling about the deep summer snow in the mountains near her home in Washington State.

Our annual corn party – we had a number of them this year thanks to our generous benefactors!

Don’t miss our vocation visitor standing by Mother Catherine Marie. Please keep Anne in your prayers. And join us in asking good St. Joseph to sell her home so she can seriously discern becoming a Passionist Nun!


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