Veni Sponsa Christi – “I Thirst!”

The following reflection, written by our Sr. Rose Marie of the Merciful Heart of Jesus, was in the front of the booklet for her Mass of Profession.  I have been wanting to share it with you for some time.

Be blessed…

A God Who Wills to Need Our Love:
“I Thirst”

Mary’s love and ‘yes’ to God at the Annunciation came to an apex in her being with Jesus during His Passion. Standing by His cross, she offered Jesus in union with His offering of Himself for the praise and glory of God and for our salvation.

Like Mary, a Passionist Nun is called to be so united to Jesus’ ‘yes’ to God the Father that, in her own heart throughout the day, she also offers Jesus’ Passion in union with Him. She gives her own ‘yes’ to God by offering Him her fidelity to her vows, her everyday works, prayers, joys, sacrifices and sufferings. She has faith that God uses this gift of herself in consecrated life to bring His life, love and grace to others. She strives to become a living prayer.

In the Crucified Body of Jesus, she sees God who has loved so much and is loved so little in return. She sees God in need of comfort, love and compassion.  “My heart is filled with sorrow to the point of death.  Remain here and stay awake” (Mark 14:34).  “I thirst” (John 19:28).

Blessed John Paul II wrote in Rich in Mercy, that “It is in the Cross that the revelation of merciful love attains its culmination.” And again he says that the Father invites us “to ‘have mercy’ on His only Son, the crucified one.”  Our contemplation of the Passion of Jesus brings us to a love which is “not only an act of solidarity with the suffering Son of man, but also a kind of ‘mercy’ shown to the Son of the Eternal Father.”

It is a Passionist Nun’s special honor to console the Sacred Heart of Jesus by being faithfully present to Him in the mystery of His suffering, death, and resurrection through her vows, her life of faith, community and contemplative prayer.

Having received His merciful love, I want to spend my life as a Passionist Nun returning His love and bringing others to do the same.



4 thoughts on “Veni Sponsa Christi – “I Thirst!”

  1. Thank you, Sister Rose Marie for consecrating your life for us. Many of us are thirsting, and your life of prayer and sacrifice in union with our Lord will slake our thirst.

  2. What a profound act of love, to console the Merciful Heart of Jesus. How sad that our world talks so much of love, yet for the most part refuses to show the least sign of love to Love Incarnate. Sister Rose Marie, thank you and bless you for your life of loving sacrifice, which repairs the indifference that Our Lord suffers at the hands of this unloving world.

  3. If you’ve never been to a profession (as I had not before this one), then you should definitely make the effort to attend one! It is so beautiful to witness a beautiful daughter of Christ, with all these words in her heart, finally take this beautiful step. Thank you, sisters, for continuing to share these beautiful insights into your lives and hearts.


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