Monastic “Off-Roading”

This week brought us some excursions “over the creek and through the woods…”


Wednesday brought us a gaudeamus day in honor of our 65th foundation anniversary. With a large chunk of time on our hands and the sound of crispy leaves under our feet we set out…

All enjoy the smell of the Virginia Mountain Mint plant…By the way, why does this Virginia plant grow in Western Kentucky?

Ever seen an eerie form walking in the woods? Well, we have groves of these “Devil’s Walking Sticks”… Sr. Mary Magdalen is keeping watch…

“The Dinosaur Tree”

Ahh civilization again…


(er…off the road again…second outing this week…)


First we have to introduce Anne. She briefly made an appearance at the corn party. (Please keep up those prayers for St. Joseph’s intercession so she can sell her home and seriously discern Passionist life!)

As you can see she came back so we promptly took her into the deep woods and she actually seems happy about it. She even made it through the briar patch with only one thorn in her hand!

Sr. Rose Marie got a little giddy looking down; she wasn’t feeling so well…get it…”well”…ahhhh…

Years back, when we first relocated to this rural setting in 1995 we hiked all over the property “reconnoitering the land”. We came upon this old well (or is it a cistern?). It is said that there are a number of wells like this in these parts.

It would be so interesting to know WHO did it, WHEN they did it and HOW they did it. Incredible work of art.

Ummm…Sister I think those rocks are moving under you…

We stopped for a rest in the creek bed on the way back to the monastery…

Ahh…we finally found the monastery! and we made it in time for Sr. John Mary to get changed and make oatmeal before Vespers.


8 thoughts on “Monastic “Off-Roading”

  1. Great tour of the grounds! Wondering why no one else wanted to play Leap Frog with SCeM? On second look through the pictures, not one else wanted to bob for apples in the well with SRM either!

  2. Another beautiful photo essay; I really look forward to these. It takes me twenty minutes to load them on my connection, but I always persevere!

    I had no idea it took so long for our photos to come in on your end. Is that unique to our blog or does this happen when you go to other blogs as well?

  3. Dear Sisters,

    What lovely pictures and good to see you enjoying the nice weather! I’ll certainly keep Anne in my prayers.

    I’m sure St. Joseph sees more Passionist Nuns in the future.

    Sr. Kasandra

  4. Oh heavens no– I’m sorry. I’m sure your blog works beautifully in general, and it has such a nice layout. I have dial-up internet, and only meant to say that your lovely entries are always worth the bit of patience it takes to load multiple images.

  5. Dear Sisters and my fellow reader Rebecca

    I also love your blog and love its lay out. God Bless you all !!!!!! And a little message for Rebecca, Dial up is SSSSSSLLOOOOWWWWW!!!!!! Comcast, here in the northeast charges prices comparable to dial up for the first two years of service. Might be worth looking in to. Blessings all around

    Donna in Massachusetts


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