Apostle and Mystic of Christ’s Passion

I thought you might be interested in joining us for the solemn novena in preparation for the Feast of our Holy Founder St. Paul of the Cross.

Please do keep us in prayer during this holy novena. We will be having special readings about our Founder and our Passionist charism each evening during Vespers. You and your intentions are being remembered in our prayers and sacrifices.

O good Saint Paul of the Cross,
you revealed the wonders of God’s power
by proclaiming the Passion of God’s only Son.

By your words and mighty deeds,
you became a spiritual guide and preacher of the Gospel
to a world grown cold to the love of Jesus Christ.

Turn our hearts and minds to the merciful cross of Jesus.
Help us to persevere in faith and love,
and assist us in every need.

By sharing the Passion of Jesus in this life,
may we come to share in the glory He has promised.


Please pray especially for all those young women being gifted with a Passionist vocation that they will respond generously!  We are living in such perilous times and need generous, valiant women to be spiritual mothers of souls.


2 thoughts on “Apostle and Mystic of Christ’s Passion

  1. I pray every day to St. Paul of the Cross that the great revelation that he received of Jesus’ Passion would be revealed to me, that I would have that burden and have a deeper understanding of Jesus’ sufferings.

    May this be a special time of blessings and answered prayers for you all as you begin this novena.

    God did not spare His only Son — let us rejoice for His great love for all of us!!! Praise God!!!

    You are in my prayers,


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