Advent is a Time of Retreat

Are you making a good retreat?  I hope so. We pray that you are.  Our Holy Founder wrote some beautiful things about this holy Season of Advent…

The blessing of our Advent wreath
and the lighting of its first candle

The sacred time of Advent is approaching. In it Holy Mother Church celebrates the memory of that Divine Espousal which the Eternal Word entered into with human nature in his Most Holy Incarnation. Contemplate this mystery of infinite love and give your soul the freedom to plunge into its Sea of Good. Desire and pray for that same Espousal of love between Jesus and your soul.



2 thoughts on “Advent is a Time of Retreat

  1. I am entering the passionist nuns monastery in

    Clarks Summit, PA. Would you please pray that

    my annulment comes for Christmas, so that I can

    enter soon? Thanks! May you have a blessed

    Advent and Christmas Season. God bless you


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