Warm Your Heart at the Crib

We hope this finds each of you having a blessed Christmas. Perhaps today was too hectic to spend much time in prayer and reflection on this great mystery – have no remorse! The Church celebrates an entire Octave of Christmas!

Let us pray for one another, that we may enter fully into such a great mystery. God become man for our sake, that we might become divinized. How awesome is that! There is truly no greater love…let us give thanks, let us worship, let us bow down in silence and adore…

Who would not shed tears of tenderness from the heart, seeing a God, for our sakes become a Babe in swaddling bands, for our sakes placed on the hay of a manger, for our sakes in need of the breath of two beasts of burden! What a misfortune it would be if I would not let myself be consumed by holy love and would prefer to remain tepid and cold as I was before.

~ Saint Paul of the Cross

Lord, help me to gaze on the crib and hear your love in sending your Son to become so little and needy for me. May I be one of your little ones, docile to every breath of your Spirit.


5 thoughts on “Warm Your Heart at the Crib

  1. I love this one! Thank you Sister! Especially the quote by St. Paul of the Cross and the prayer at the end of the entry. Merry Christmas (Octave!)!

  2. Beautiful! The lighting and the presentation of the nativity are wonderful. Trust you all had a joyful and peaceful Christmas. Love from us all!

  3. Merry Christmas Sisters! The creche glows with love. Wishing you love and peace this season and throughout the New Year.


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