Unfathomable Love

What comes to your mind when you see a monastery?

Here is a thought of Pope Benedict XVI…

As a spiritual oasis, a monastery reminds today’s world of the most important, and indeed, in the end, the only decisive thing: that there is an ultimate reason why life is worth living: God and his unfathomable love.

May we all come to know His unfathomable Love!

Blessings on Saint Valentine’s Day!

 *Photo of the sunrise on January 1, 2012  by Mark Schoppe


2 thoughts on “Unfathomable Love

  1. Such a beautiful picture! I was trying to imagine and see pictures in the cloud formations, but was unable to come up with any specific images. Did the Sisters see anything special in the clouds? I believe it is sunrise, or am I mistaken?

    No images in the clouds. 🙂
    Yes, it is the sun rising in the east.


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