Novena to St Gabriel of our Sorrowful Mother

After Scripture class today I joined the novitiate for their rosary. I was startled to learn I had forgotten that today is the first day of the Novena to St. Gabriel! He is the patron of our novitiate and one of our most well-known Passionist saints.

Here is the prayer we pray during these 9 days of preparation for his Feast celebrated on February 27.

O good St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin, you were taught by God to love the Passion of Jesus and to remember the Sorrows of Mary His Mother. By her side, you stood by the Cross of Jesus and shared her compassion.  Following her, you grew in love for God and all His people. O St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin, we humbly ask you to intercede before God on our behalf, especially for the intentions we now present before you.

  • For our vocation promotion endeavors
  • For all the women whom God is calling to join our monastic family
  • For the spiritual and temporal needs of our novitiate members, the novice directress and her assistant
  • for all who pass through this novitiate – this holy training ground – that they will respond generously to God’s graces poured out in their hearts during this time of intense formation

We place our trust in your prayers St. Gabriel and wish to follow your example. Remember us, and especially our youth, with compassion. Support us all our days by your holy prayers. And when this life is done, may we join you in heaven in the company of Jesus and Mary.  Amen!


2 thoughts on “Novena to St Gabriel of our Sorrowful Mother

  1. This was beautiful! I need to learn more about St. Gabriel…I am devoted to Archangel St. Gabriel and Our Blessed Mother.

  2. And this year marks the 150th anniversary of his holy death, at Isola de Gran Sasso, Italy!

    He’s always been one of my favorites among the youthful Saints.


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