Our Stations of the Cross Trail

I thought this Holy Week a good time to bring you the story of our outdoor Stations of the Cross…

About 15 years ago we received a set of bronze (?) Stations of the Cross from one of our Passionist mens’ retreat houses out in California. They had some pot marks and had lost their luster but they were still meaningful.  Over the years the pot marks got much worse.

Last fall two of Sr. Mary Therese’s brothers, a nephew and cousin came and helped beautify our Stations of the Cross trail by constructing and installing a cover over each Station.

When Lawrence (above left) saw the shape that the stations themselves were in he was determined to do something about it. He did some research and found a way to clean them.

The contrast is just amazing!

God bless Lawrence and Robert for installing all the Stations!

 We (or rather professionals we hired) continue to remove dangerous trees from this area. This trail has been hit badly by tornado-type winds on about 3 occasions over the years and had a lot of damage.

We have a number of guests and retreatants who come and walk this trail and now we feel they can have a much more prayerful and safer walk!


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