Christ is Risen!

Blessed and Holy Easter to you – all our dear friends and family! What unspeakable spiritual joy to be counted among those who are redeemed, loved, saved, purified by the risen Lord!


May our good God be ever praised and glorified for he has been pleased to let us reach this solemn day of his glorious Resurrection. Let us sing “Alleluia” which means “Praise the Lord!” To sing it properly, we must strip our hearts of our old selves and put on our new self which is Jesus Christ. To him let us sing forever, “Alleluia!”

~ Saint Paul of the Cross


One thought on “Christ is Risen!

  1. Thank-you, sisters for all your meditations and helpful prayers through Holy Week and now Easter.

    I thought that you might appreciate these few lines. I do not know who the author is but we use them in our little parish prayer group at this time of the year.

    ‘May Easter wrap its loveliness around your heart.
    And may the full significance of the Resurrection dawn on you, as bright and beautiful as the eternal spring…
    And whenever dark hours come,
    may the remembrance of the Resurrection shine through the darkness and light your way with faith.
    And lift the clouds from your heart,
    as the stone was lifted from the tomb’.

    Anne (England)


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