Liturgy and Easter Egg Hunts

This news is a few weeks late but better late than never!

Here are a couple photos of our Mass on Easter Sunday morning:  special thanks to our servers of Holy Week!  And it was a joy to have seminarian David Gayhart with us who will be ordained to the transitional diaconate in a few months!


I hope you are having a joyful Eastertide! We are. The Liturgy of Holy Week and Easter Week were so sacred and uplifting. On Easter Monday we had a mix of the spiritual and the mundane…The Exultet and an Easter Egg Hunt combined!

What do these have in common?  Nothing…so you might think…except when a group of two aspiring nuns in a monastery come up with a fun Easter game.

“2012 Eggsultet Hunt”

Sr. Cecilia Maria giving directions

  • two teams racing to be the first to put the Exsultet together
  • slips of paper with bits of text of the Exsultet are in eggs hidden in and outside the monastery

Sisters listen with full attention

Team #1

Nuns on the run…for eggs

Team #2

Sisters rest after the big hunt…


Who won?

It was a tie! No lie!


Too much Easter candy?


A week later…

Sisters show off the last of our dyed eggs and hot cross buns

Divine Mercy Sunday
(If you look closely you can see the Divine Mercy Image
on the guests” side of the sanctuary.)


*Wondering what the Exsultet is? It is an awesome hymn of praise sung before the Easter candle at the Easter Vigil.  Find out more here and here.


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