Passionist Articles

Well…I can hardly believe it!

I created a widget in the side bar of this blog OVER A YEAR AGO called “Interesting Passionist Articles”, featuring PDF articles written by or about Passionist life in the Institute on Religious Life Magazine of September/October 2010.

Just last week it came to my knowledge that I linked to every one of those articles incorrectly! (Yes, I can believe I made this mistake) But I can’t believe that none of you, my dear friends, caught my mistake!

Please let me know if you find any other broken links on this blog site. I’ll gladly correct them if I can.

And I hope you’ll check out the articles in the side bar.

The Prefaces for Easter pray that we be “overcome with Paschal joy”…that is our prayer for you during this Eastertide!


4 thoughts on “Passionist Articles

  1. In Your Favorite Posts,
    Sr Cecilia Maria’s Vestition and
    Clothed in Christ’s Passion
    do not link correctly. The rest of YFPs do.

    Oh! Thank you very much for pointing this out to me. I made the same mistake here as I did with the Magazine articles – I put http:// two times! That just does NOT work. Blog code is picky!

  2. I’m almost afraid to click “Quantitative Metathesis.” Will my brain pop? If my brain won’t pop, I’ll probably click it. Please advise. 😉


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