Saying YES to God’s Call to Serve

Hello!  We are busy around here with preparations for our Gaudeamus Day tomorrow in honor of Mother Catherine Marie. We have this special day each year as a way to thank and honor our Superior for her generous service to the building up of our community and her charity toward each Sister. It is a day of joy and festivity!  May God reward you Mother for your generous response to God’s call to serve our Passionist community in this way!

Above is our celebratory schedule for the day

Sr. John Mary tries to finish up an afghan for Mother.

Many of the Sisters make gifts to give the Superior on this day. The Superior in turn, can use these as gifts to give to benefactors, etc. This is a long-held monastic tradition.

There will be special food and a musical tribute using violin, Appalachian dulcimer and flute!


Speaking of Sr. John Mary…her brother Deacon Jeff’s ordination to the holy Priesthood is this Saturday! The long-awaited day has almost arrived. Please do keep him in prayer, along with all our newly ordained priests throughout the world.

Deacon Jeff’s invitation in front of 3 very holy priests –
St. Padre Pio, St. John Vianney and St. Anthony of Padua

It is a special gift to have a nun in our community who has a brother who is a priest.  Two other of our Sisters here have had this wonderful grace in their family. One was Sr. Jeanne Marie and her brother Fr. John Wehmhoefer both of whom have now passed to their eternal reward and are united in gazing on the merciful face of God.

Another is Sr. Ann Miriam seen below with her brother Fr. Joe Mills.

This photo was taken while Father was in the seminary at St. Meinrad and shortly before Sr. Ann Miriam entered the monastery.

This photo was taken last fall, approximately 60 years later!

Thank you Deacon Jeff for your “yes” to the Lord’s call in your life!  And congratulations to Sr. John Mary’s parents Bill and Bernadine and also to her siblings Patricia, Doug and Mitch!


5 thoughts on “Saying YES to God’s Call to Serve

  1. We just finished that movie last night! It’s well worth watching. We have a novice that speaks German so we got “extra” translating throughout!

    Enjoy the day!

  2. Congratulations to Mother Catherine Marie! Hugs to all the Sisters! Thank you for all the beautiful pictures on the last few blog entries. Did the afghan get finished in time? Where is the startled cartoon Nun on the right running to? The schedule for Gaudeamus Day looks inviting.

  3. Big smiles here. We love you, Mother Catherine! So excited about the ordination! Fr. Mills seems familiar to me. Have you mentioned him on the blog before? I don’t think I have met him but he seems familiar to me. My Teresa loves to crochet. I’ll have to show her your work. God bless all.

  4. I think that is so cool, having siblings who are in the priesthood and religious life! Congratulations to Sister John Mary’s brother on his ordination day!

    And Happy ‘Gaudeamus Day’ to Mother Catherine Marie!

  5. In the above picture, who is the 2nd woman dressed in the Postulant dress that Anne is also wearing? Is she a second postulant???



    Greetings Darlene! She is an Affiliate Oblate. You can learn more about her vocation here. God bless you!


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