Nunny Meanderings

Wow, it has been so long since I posted I almost forgot how…I guess I shall take you on a little journey covering highlights of this past month…

When I last left off we were preparing for Mother Catherine Marie’s Gaudeamus Day.

I shall let the pictures tell the story…

These first photos are of some handmade gifts we brought to Mother for her to keep or give away…

 A beautiful Thomas Kinkade (RIP) cross stitch done by
Sr. Mary Therese

Decade and 5-decade rope rosaries plus a lovely bookmark which Sister has been working on for about 5 years! Or maybe it is 7 ??? Anyhow, she finally finished it.

yes, we got those granny squares sewn together.

A fruit of Sr. Rose Marie’s 8 day retreat. The little girl on the left is looking at Jesus as the rays of his love and mercy flow upon her.

For our “After Meal Entertainment” we enjoyed some live music.

(Also, we were sad, but accepting of God’s will, as we said “goodbye” to Anne who returned home on June 12. Please keep her in prayer as she continues to discern the Lord’s will for her life. We miss you dearly Anne! God love you!)

With delight Mother Catherine Marie opens her last gift –
a kite!


A few days after the Gaudeamus Sr. John Mary, after receiving permission, was blessed to attend her brother Fr. Jeff’s ordination to the priesthood.

Visit the website of the Diocese of Evansville IN to read about it and see some photos of the ordination.

Congratulations to Fr. Jeff along with his parents Bill and Bernadine and his brothers and sisters.

Fr. Jeff’s Ordination card


Fr. Jeff’s First Mass at St. John’s Catholic Church
in Daylight, IN

Fr. Jeff incensing the altar and the crucifix

Fr. Jeff consecrates his life as a priest to our Lady,
Mother of all Priests.

Please do pray for Fr. Jeff and all our newly ordained priests – may they be men after the heart of God…contemplatives active in the heart of the world.


We’ve also been happily preparing for Sr. Mary Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee celebration which will take place this Sunday, July 8th. Her actual anniversary is Monday, July 9th – the Passionist Feast of our Lady of Holy Hope.

Image of Our Lady of Holy Hope – Our Holy Founder, St. Paul of the Cross, was very devoted to our Lady under this title.

In an upcoming post I will share photos with you of Sr. Mary Elizabeth’s celebration along with a message from her heart about living vowed Passionist life for 50 years.


We also recently printed an 8 page newsletter. We are in the midst of stuffing them with envelopes, then they will be off to the post office and in your mail box!  If you don’t receive our newsletter and live in the United States and would like to receive it please leave your name and address in the comment box below. We’ll gladly add you to our newsletter list.


We have been very united with our nation during this Fortnight for Freedom. One point of interest – our novice Sr. Cecilia Marie created a summary of the history of our Congregation during the Napoleonic suppression of Religious Freedom in the early 1800’s. She has been reading this to us each evening during the Fortnight.  I hope to share that with you soon as well!


I must say adieu!  (I commend you “to God” – a derivative from the Old French)

Take care of yourself in this heat – we have been in triple digits for a week now and our grass has been brown for several weeks. The lake is getting low.We are beginning to feel we live in a dust bowl – please God, mercifully send us rain!


9 thoughts on “Nunny Meanderings

  1. So happy to have some news, dear sisters! and so sad for Anne but as you say, we must accept God’s will.
    I hope you don’t really want to say “adieu” because here in france, when we say adieu, it means we’ll never meet us again!
    Faithfully yours
    Ah, no I did not realize…I just thought it meant something to the effect of “Be with God until we meet again!”

  2. Beginning today, Tuesday, July 3 and continuing until Sunday, July 8, the 3rd OrderSecular Franciscans from across the United States will be meeting in Skokie, Il at their XVII Quinquennial. A featured speaker will be Sr. Illia Delio, OSF. Two of Sister’s topics will be: “Why Francis? Claim the Gift,” and “Who are you, O Lord.”
    Please keep we secular Franciscans in your prayers.

    Pax et Bonum
    May the Lord bless your meeting!

  3. What a wonderful blog! I was part of the group that came to visit with Adele a couple weeks ago. Thank you for welcoming us – I pray for God’s will for our 6 children, especially if that be any religious vocations. Hopefully, visiting your monastery will plant seeds that might bear the fruit of a vocation if God calls. Thanks and please add me to your email list. God bless you! (We have added you all to our nightly prayers now that my children have met “real nuns” 🙂 )

    Dear Charity, it was a joy to have all of you with us to learn about our life. Regarding an email list. If you are referring to receiving our newsletter that is a hard-copy and I need your home mailing address. Please send it to me using the comment box. If you would like to receive a notification every time I post on the blog please go here. God bless you and yours!

  4. Please add me to your newsletter list. Thank you!

    Jane, ANG

    I do love your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us in this way.
    We have added your name to the list. Glad you find inspiration here…keep us in prayer!

  5. Congratulations to Fr. Jeff on his ordination to the priesthood! And yes, his ordination card IS AWESOME! And how wonderful seeing the picture of him consecrating his priesthood to Our Lady! May she protect him always!


  6. I’m saddened to hear of Anne’s departure from there, but surely God will lead her where He wills. May she continue to be open to follow His path.

    Although I was not able to attend Fr. Jeff’s ordination to the priesthood, I am so happy for him and for his family as he begins his priestly ministry. We thank God for the gift of all of our priests. He is so good to give us more to work in His vinyard.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures of all Mother’s gifts and the talents that you all shared with her in creating them. What a joy to witness the love that you share.

    I wish I could attend the celebration of Sister Mary Elizabeth’s jubilee, but I will look forward to seeing the pictures that you will share with us in time. May the joyful day of celebration be richly blessed as we give thanks to God for her vocation of 50 years. Wow!!!

    May God continue to bless you all dear Sisters in Christ and may He indeed bless us with much needed rain for our land. In Him we place our trust.

    Larena, so good to hear from you! Thank you for your good prayers and support of our vocation.

  7. Please include me in your newsletter list.

    Thank you.

    We have included you. Probably next issue will be this winter. God bless you!


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